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Art Collections as Family Office Investments: Preserving Beauty, Heritage and Wealth

By 2014, only 55 percent of wealth managers favored inclusion of art collections in their client’s wealth portfolio. A study conducted by Wharton Global Family Alliance showed that families increased investment to properties and companies almost doubled. According to the study, 5 percent of investments made by family offices in 2011 were on precious metals and art collections such as paintings by the internationally renowned artists, Alexander Sergeeff and Christina Oiticica. Allocations to these areas have grown five times recently. The Wharton report sampled 106 family offices across 24 countries; with 41 percent of samples from the US. Sixty six (66) percent of the families held over $500 million worth of assets.

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Placido Domingo leads top 20 NYC Opera Renaissance Performers in Honor of the late Maestro Julius Rudel

The extraordinary Maestro Rudel was General Director and Principal Conductor of the New York City Opera from 1957 to 1979. Later, following his successful debut at the Metropolitan Opera with Placido Domingo as “Werther,” Maestro Rudel conducted hundreds of opera performances in the world’s leading opera houses and as well as many orchestral performances all over the world. He guest-conducted 268 performances at the Metropolitan Opera alone.

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Funding Platforms Under Title II of the JOBS Act DO NOT Have to be Broker-Dealers

In the crowdfunding space this comes up a lot, either because lawyers have been misinformed or because of pressure from people with a vested interest in the broker-dealer model. So, does a funding platform operating pursuant to Title II need to register as a broker-dealer, or become a branch office of a broker-dealer?

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4 Growth Factors in Real Estate Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is revolutionizing the way investors invest and entrepreneurs raise capital. Discussions around crowdfunding for real estate as a new asset class took center stage during the conference. Crowdfunding offers new opportunities for enterprises in their startup, growth and early stages to solve the problem of capital access.

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