Robomed Network — an innovative medical network based on smart contracts is proud to introduce project’s advisors:

Thomas W. Feeley: a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Business School. He headed the Institute for Cancer Care Innovation at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center until 2017.

Anthony Provasoli: Partner at the law firm Hassans. Manages the department of blockchain projects. Specializes on Gibraltar-base ICOs.

David Drake: Mr. Drake’s access to 100,000 investors is maintained through his media holding investment The Soho Loft Media Group which has produced and sponsored over 1100+ global finance conferences since 2002, ie events by institutional media leader Thomson Reuters, with speakers from Nasdaq, NYSE, KKR and Carlyle Group. Global investor relations, capital allocation, syndication and buy side advisory are augmented at LDJ Capital advisory division via The Soho Loft Media Group.

Vibhuti Jha: Former Director American Express Bank International. India Client Services (New York, Mumbai). Heads up India family office and institutional investor relations. Vibhuti Jha has been at the forefront of driving Indo — US relations since coming to the United States in 1991. In his role as a Senior Executive/Region head with American Express Bank International, Vibhuti pioneered the development of investment/deposit programs for expatriate Indians living in the US to invest in India through the Bank while US business relationships. Vibhuti organized the first ever “Doing Business with India” seminar series in collaboration with Bear, Stearns in Washington D.C. at the Four Seasons in early 1992. This was the first major initiative of its kind, designed to familiarize American corporations with India’s commitment to the liberalization program and invite Foreign Direct Investments to the country.

Joe Rubin: ARC Angels Funds (Greenwich, CT, NYC). Founding Partner of ARC Angel Fund, the first Member managed Angel fund in NYC. ARC has 70 Angel members and has invested in 12 companies so far in the early-stage tech, mobile, healthcare IT and web enabled services sectors. The Director and Co-Founder of FundingPost.comflash-based video games which were playable online and sold as a compilation in stores like Comp USA.

Blake Coler-Dark: Ex Managing Director, FCVC Advisors. Former Chief Investor Relations Officer, FundersClub. Blake Coler-Dark is the President of Fusion Networks, a private consulting firm focused on connecting highly sought after alternative investment opportunities with strategic global partners. Blake recently served as Chief Investor Relations Officer at FundersClub, the world’s first online venture capital firm and a leader in early stage technology startups. Blake also served as the Managing Director of FCVC Advisors, the family office and institutional unit of FundersClub where he focused on capital raising and investor outreach. Prior to joining FundersClub, Blake led Investor Relations, Fundraising and Marketing at Echelon Asset Management and before that, served as Investor Executive for the pre-IPO team at Lending Club and LC Advisors. Blake has extensive experience in working with alternative investments and was an early adopter to marketplace lending and investing.

Allan Young: Founder, Topline and Runway Incubator (San Francisco, Richmond CA). Founder of TopLine and Runway technology and business incubators. The alum of Y Combinator Winter 2010 batch. Co-founder of an advertising technology company acquired by one of Japan’s biggest e-commerce companies, Rakuten. Allan got his start in technology and finance as part of the founding team that launched a $20M student-run venture fund that achieved 4 IPOs in a portfolio of 15 investments.

E. David Ellington: Former Trustee & Commissioner San Francisco Retirement Board. Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Advisor, E. David Ellington is Founder and Managing Partner of Emory Capital Group (ECG). ECG provides advisory and representation services to entrepreneurs, start-ups, late stage companies, seed investors, venture capital and private equity firms. Mr. Ellington is also Co-Founder and President of GridSpeak Corporation. Founded in 2009, GridSpeak’s proprietary technology, the GridSpeak Platform, provides visualization, situational intelligence and predictive analytics tools for ‘BIG DATA’. The platform is a comprehensive, web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) which acts as an agent and execution platform providing market access to wholesale electricity financials. The platform provides real-time and historical information and analytical tools that convert data and information into market opportunities and risk mitigation.

Keith Kaplan: Tesla Foundation-Founder Cybersecurity, Drones, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence education (Los Angeles). The Director of Cybersecurity, Drones, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence with 3 decades of expertise in these fields. He represented LDJ Capital interests at the Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi last January 2015. Possesses with unique mix of rational and creative thought. Vigorously pursued and participated in many innovative projects that push the limits of technology. Mr. Kaplan sees the integration of technology as an opportunity to further the good of mankind. “It is the responsibility of those that have the means to assure the safe and ethical integration of all technology for the betterment of mankind”. — comments Keith.

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