The Soho Loft Media Group supported the Greater Bay Entrepreneurship Day in Davos, Switzerland organized by AMTD Group

The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of Hong Kong SAR, Edward Yau; Lucas Palacios, Chile’s Minister of Economy; and more than 200 elites and leaders in business, political, media, and academia converged at the AMTD Hotel in Davos, Switzerland for this much-awaited event.

George Coelho, Director for Venture Capital at LDJ Capital attended the event. LDJ Capital Chairman David Drake said, “This event became a platform for young entrepreneurs in Asia to connect, exchange ideas and collaborate with their peers coming from different cultures.”

The one-day event was part of the 50th World Economic Forum Davos Annual Meeting. Among the topics discussed were the opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship, and nurturing talent in the Greater Bay area.

The speakers were:

Calvin Tse, CEO of Kam Kee Holdings Limited, Visiting Professor and CPA (Practicing)
Chao Zhu, Co-Founder and CEO of Asset Pro
Dr. Annie Koh, Vice President of Business Development, V3 Group Professor of Family Entrepreneurship and Professor of Finance (Practice) of Singapore Management University
Dr. Feridun Hamdullahpur, Board Member of AMTD Group and AMTD International and President of the University of Waterloo

Dr. Timothy W. Tong, CEO of AMTD Foundation, Chairman of Hong Kong Laureate Forum, Independent Director at Xiaomi Group, Director of Airstar Bank and former President of Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Li Lei, CEO, AMTD Digital
Louis Liu, Co-Founder and CEO, FOMO Pay
Stephen Wong, Co-Founder and CEO, Dory Technology
Steven Lam, Co-Founder and CEO, GoGoVan

AMTD Group is the event’s sponsor.

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