David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital, speaks at The Online Crypto Summit


NEW YORK – April 2, 2018 –  Blockchain technology experts, industry makers and influencers, ICO advisors, startups, investors, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts will converge virtually for online discussion sessions about cryptocurrency and blockchain on April 7-10, 2018.

David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital, will be a speaker at this summit. He says, “In this online summit, experts will explain what is cryptocurrency, how blockchain technology is disrupting our lives and how and why invest in this industry. I am very pleased to share my knowledge and experience with participants worldwide. This is a fascinating event because you can attend from wherever you are.”

Numerous topics will be discussed during the four-day event. Some of the topics include cryptocurrency and blockchain basics for everyone, global blockchain trends for 2018, potentials, threats and limitations of cryptos and blockchain, how to get started as a trader or investor in blockchain market, regulatory and legal considerations, how to multiply crypto investments, the future of crypto and blockchain sector, how to incorporate blockchain technology in your business models, tips for marketing blockchain projects such as ICOs, and social impact of blockchain technology.

Some of the over 20 industry makers will speak at this event, to include:

•  Amy Wan, Founder, Sagewise
•  Brian Iselin, President, Slave Free Trade
•  David Drake, Chairman, LDJ Capital
•  Emma Weston, Co-Founder, AgriDigital
•  Eyal Hertzog, Co-Founder, Bancor
•  Fred Wilson, Venture Capitalist, and Co-Founder of Union Square Ventures
•  Helen Burrows, Senior Vice President and Founder, Slave Free Trade
•  Kesem Frank, Founder Nuco/ AION Network
•  Raj Chowdhury, Director, HashCash
•  Simon Cocking, Editor-in-Chief, CryptoCoinNews
•  Viktoriya Petrova, Host and Co-Founder of Online Crypto Summit

As of April 2, 2018, David Drake ranks #2 in the ICO Success score of ICObench, with Simon Cocking, ranking #1. ICObench is an ICO rating and listing platform, which ranks experts in terms of ICO success.

Online Crypto Summit is an event that is organized to give crypto and blockchain enthusiasts a chance to learn from top industry leaders from the comfort of their homes. Interested participants in the event are required to provide their name and email for free on the website http://www.theonlinecryptosummit.com/, after which they will be provided with an access link.

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