The Soho Loft Media Group supports the 2nd Global Fintech and Blockchain China Summit organized by Premier Thinkers and Practitioners


Representatives from research institutes, associations, governments, industry application and blockchain technology companies, internet and fintech finance firms, and traditional financial institutions will converge on April 12, 2018 at the luxurious Hilton Hotel Hongqiao in Shanghai, China for this highly-anticipated event.

LDJ Capital Chairman David Drake is one of the speakers. He says, “The blockchain economy is quickly evolving, creating new possibilities and attracting challenges for everyone in the crypto world. It has revolutionize various industries in such a short time and will definitely continue doing so in the years to come. This event will surely give us a wider perspective of what lies ahead in this dynamic ecosystem.”

The one day summit will feature exhibits, startups project presentations, panel discussions, one-on-one meeting with investors, a mini show from startups and fintech leaders, and an award ceremony, the Fintech and Blockchain Industry Awards 2018. There will be several networking breaks as well, enabling the delegates to connect with the experts and their colleagues. Some of the topics to be discussed include building a credit society by blockchain technologies, using hardware wallet to secure your bitcoins and cryptos, distributed AI is the next level of blockchain evolution, and XCoinPay- the paypal in the blockchain world.

With David Drake, some of the event speakers include:

• Edwin Zhang, President, Fintech4Good
• Igor Chugunov, Founder and CEO, Credits
• Joseph Wang, Founder and CEO, CryptoHWwallet
• Lior Zaks, VP Strategic Business, Olam Foundation
• Mike Raitsyn, Co-Founder, ICOBox
• Nancy Chen, Head of Operation, China, ZatGo
• Rick Burnett, Founder and CEO, LaneAxis
• Sergey Grybniak, Founder, Opporty
• Steve Stewart, CEO and Co-Founder,Vezt
• Tao Ye, Founder, Caribbean Pirates

The strategic partners for this event include Shared Finance, News BTC, COINTELLIGENCE, Sanyan Blockchain, Chainnews, Times Realty News, LDJ Capital, and The Soho Loft Media Group. Some of the event sponsors are Credits, HOQU, Fusion, Cyber Miles, ICOBOX, Loopring,Ubex, Nurse Token, PAVO, Opporty, Bankorus, BitClave, and World Wifi. AlCoin, Bitcoin Chaser, Crypto Capital News, Distributed, Bitcoin Garden, and CryptoNinjas are some of the media partners.

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