The old saying goes that the customer is always right. That might be true, but a lot of businesses wonder how to keep on top of lots of customers and keep them happy with their service. It is important not to forget that old customers may be returning customers. Keeping the relationship going with previous customers is key – here’s how to make sure of it.

Get your customers in

One way to do this is social media: Social media was once thought of as having a local business Facebook page, but it’s now so much more than that – there is also Twitter, Instagram, and in some countries WeChat and Snapchat. Sponsoring Instagram posts is a classic way of getting business – or if you are in the professional sphere, consider building up a community around LinkedIn. If you get engagement, the result can be exponential. Remember that social media platforms boost businesses which post a lot and be savvy about the analytics on your posts.

Offering discounts or promotions are a good way to attract customers. A 2-for-1 deal sounds basic – but there’s a reason it is so common with new products and services – people’s eyes light up when they see a bargain. If you can’t afford to do something like this (although the return will often come pretty soon after, with an influx of customers), a good compromise can be to run a competition. Again, people will be incentivized by the prospect of getting something for nothing.

Keep track of customers

Keeping track of customers can be expensive, and traditional software providers often charge high rates, especially if you have a marketing team that spends a lot of dollars. BenchmarkONE’s CRM is one company providing software to help track customers. You can tap into customer analytics and key stages within the marketing funnel to uncover what point in the marketing process customers drop out, and therefore what needs to be improved. 

Keep your customers interested

Holding events is a good way of showcasing the products or services your company provides, and although it can be expensive, it is also a way for customers to get that human contact, and feel like they are a part of something special. Themed events are particularly effective. Although things are different in the era of Covid-19, events can still take place online – consider using a site like Eventbrite to sell tickets and hold it over something like Zoom.

But most of all, keep your customers happy

These tips are all important, but, of course, the main thing is keeping your customers happy with your product or service, so they keep coming back. For this one, there’s no quick tip – it’s just about finding out what exactly your customer needs and fulfilling that. So, there may be customers who look for value, others who look for personalization, and others who want consistency. Working out what makes your customers tick is only the first part, you need to make sure you keep giving them what they want.

If you’re not sure about whether your customers are happy, asking for feedback can be painful, but it’s often the best way to find out for sure whether you’re doing well or not. Sometimes asking them to rate you at the end of phone calls is the best way, as they will feel more obliged to give some feedback. But over email can be helpful as well, customers can be more honest when they don’t have to tell feedback to someone’s face.

Ultimately, though – you should take comfort in the fact that, inevitably, some customers will not be right for you. You cannot please everyone, and if you do so, you might dilute your brand and not appeal to anyone at all.