Fundamental to the growth of every business are its customers and employees. As a business grows both of these will increase, so it’s vital that you manage them effectively. This article will look at a number of ways you can keep employees motivated, loyal and safe as your business grows.


Offer Flexible Working

Flexible and remote working is quickly becoming the norm in America, and across the world. People are seeking jobs that allow them to have a comfortable work-life balance. Being able to work around childcare commitments is one of the main benefits people associate with flexible or remote working. It’s often found that people are actually more productive when they are able to be working flexibly.

Create a Safe Working Environment

Making sure that your employees feel safe at work goes a long way to keeping them motivated. If your business is in an industry that works with machinery and requires any physical labor like engineering or construction this is especially important.

Putting together comprehensive health and safety procedures and documents that contains information such as the correct workwear, lifting processes and site safety rules will ensure that you are covering yourself should anything happen. However, you will need to be clear with workers about when to hire a workers comp lawyer and who their industry representatives or contacts are.

Invest in Your Office Space

As well as your office or work environment being safe, you will also want it to be a comfortable place for people to work. As a long entrepreneur working in a dingy back bedroom as a start-up is almost a rite of passage. However, once a business is established employees expect their workspaces to be clean, modern and bright.

Introducing something simple like plants into the office can make a massive difference. According to CIPHR some of the benefits of office greenery are that they reduce stress, they clean the air and reduce noise levels. 

Offer Employee Perks

Taking home a good salary is one thing but offering employee perks that don’t get taxed or that have more emotional value than monetary value is a great way to keep people motivated and loyal to your business.

Examples of employee perks might be as simple as free tea, coffee and doughnuts every Friday. Other examples might include an extra day off whenever they like in the year, letting employees choose their own style of desk or chair and giving them a work laptop or phone that they can use for personal use when they are at home. 

Make Time to Celebrate

Some people don’t like a massive fuss so it’s important to be aware of that but celebrating little things like an employee birthday makes people feel valued and part of the team. Taking five to recognize an outstanding work achievement such as record sales or the completion of a large project is another good excuse to being everyone together and celebrate as a team.

There may also be occasions where employees have achieved something great outside of work like running a marathon or raising money for charity. Taking a genuine interest in your employees will help to keep them loyal and will make them more likely to put the hours in when needed.