David Drake joins investors Linda Giambrone, current Head of NBC Primetime Television (Alternative), Emilio Diez Barroso, of the Televisa Family and John Paukulis former Paramount Pictures Executive to help launch Giftz for the Holidayz. The Giftz Token Sale is scheduled to open on Black Friday (November 24, 2017) at www.giftz.io. David, a seasoned ICO Advisor has been eyeing the Giftz program for months as it has gained traction. “Anytime you have a solid team, great product idea with a true utility token (see opinion letter), you’ve got a winner,” states Mr. Drake.


The Giftz Luxury Black Coin Program will service, Spas, Malls, Private Jets, Car Rental Programs, Hotels, Theaters, Key Employee Incentive Programs, Big Box Stores, Hotel Chains, Retailers, Supermarkets and more. Using a Blockchain based Redemption Loyaty Giftz Card. David Drake comments,“I travel a lot and have always dreamed of earning crypto rewards on my trips.”

Giftz doesn’t stop there, they want EVERY store to be able sell their products and services as incentives. According to a Bloomberg article, Airlines make more money selling “miles” than they do “seats?” Miles are used as incentives for thousands of businesses. The founder of The Giftz Network, John Paukulis says; “If airlines can sell miles as incentives, why can’t any business tokenize their product and services and sell them to other businesses as incentives — imagine if you will, as a consumer earning “crypto-points” at a hotel, a bakery and a dry cleaner and redeeming them as Private Jet Miles.”



Stand alone Loyalty Programs are expensive and force the customer to spend their points where they earn them. Coalition Loyalty Programs (i.e. Plenti) provide a way for customers to earn and spend within a small coalition of programs, with Giftz customers can earn everywhere and spend anywhere.


Most Loyalty Programs are out of reach for small to mid-sized merchants. The Giftz team is developing a Do-It-Yourself (FREE) Loyalty Rewards Program for small to mid-sized merchants (just pay for tokenized points). In addition, many date-stamping laws do not allow points to expire and small businesses cannot allow unclaimed points liability to remain on their balance sheets indefinitely When merchants give crypto-points for loyalty, they pass a physical token to their customers wallet and liability goes away. Giftz also has a managed Black Coin Program solution for its enterprise clients. With either program, consumers can collect tokens in stores, apps, games, websites and more via a rewards e-Wallet (Waulit™). Shoppers have fun earning Rewards Tokens and “blockchain is an ideal remedy for what ails loyalty rewards programs” – Deloitte.

Founder John Paukulis says; “We welcome David and LDJ Capital to our team of Advisors, he has a passion for success and we trust his network of Pre-ICO and ICO buyers will see the value of Giftz public token, itCoin Black.”