There’s no disputing that content marketing remains the most useful and authentic way to boost a brand’s profile and profits. As 2019 slowly draws to a close, it’s time to look at the content marketing strategies that really took off over the course of the year and are set to become the primary options for businesses in 2020. While content marketing itself only grows more in terms of importance, changes are expected in both the creation of that content and its delivery. Channels, tactics and tools are going to evolve to take more advantage of the benefits of content marketing, and being aware of those changes is going to be critical for brands that want to continue their growth in the new year.



Video and Live Streaming

While written content continues to be the main form of content used to bring value and SEO benefits to a business and its users, live streaming and video content continue to grow. Now, video content is the second most popular type of content for businesses, and this is largely due to consumer demand. This is good news for brands. Videos and live streams not only attract viewers, but also keep them engaged for much longer, and that is only a positive for SEO and brand awareness. 

Conversational Marketing

Not only does conversational marketing boost engagement levels in your audience, but it also provides you with more learning streams regarding your target audience. You can learn more about the needs of your key demographics, which in turn can drive your content creation. This means brands should be prioritizing their engagement with consumers and adopting the use of chatbots that can carry on conversations 24/7.

Data-Driven Content

Marketers that are still relying on guesswork are limiting a brand’s ability to grow. Data is one of the true success stories of modern business management, and it’s a vital resource for marketers. Analytics and statistics need to be measured and tracked to identify issues and resolve them. Business training strategies can be vastly beneficial for getting more from your content, with business training options such as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification proving to be more and more vital as we head into the data-driven 2020s.



Voice Search and Smart Assistants

Set to become the big development in marketing, voice search is changing the face of SEO and keyword management. This will only grow as voice assistants become more popular, and with Amazon and Google pushing home devices and wearables, marketers that are avoiding this transition are already falling behind. As voice searches continue to grow in use, content creation needs adjusting to stay relevant. Voice queries are structured differently from typed queries, and your content needs to reflect that if you want to keep your search engine performance as high as possible.

Marketing has changed more in the last decade than it has in the last hundred years. Those changes continue to come quickly and can be so fast that they disrupt the marketing landscape for those that aren’t keeping up. If you want your business to continue excelling in its marketing efforts, then it’s time to look at the future of marketing so that you can position yourself more practically and continue to have a positive online impact.