Starcave Global Ltd, a global financial cybersecurity and payments company based in Hongkong, has been featured on the Digital Innovators show, a 30-minute TV series highlighting thought leaders and their involvement in bringing cutting-edge technology and innovations to life. A four-minute segment from this show’s episode will soon be featured on the FOX Business channel.

In recent news, Starcave Global launched its MCCX project and its breakthrough Color Code Technology that secures and powers  solutions and services such as their Ghost Wallet payment system, Ghost Pay, and Ghost Card.

We are ecstatic to introduce Starcave Global and our MCCX project to the American audience through the FOX Business Network,” stated Harrison Park, Starcave Global Chairman. “The current structure of the financial and payment system is flawed. Our team has developed MCCX and its services to be interoperable with existing payment systems to provide convenient and accessible security solutions to anyone who requires more security across today’s financial and payment systems.

Starcave Global developed their unique core technology based on colors. Color Code Technology enables the users to draw any pattern on a color grid where an almost infinite amount of combinations are possible. Every color has a corresponding value that generates a unique code. The generated code is only valid for a single use, and cannot be replicated, ensuring that every transaction with user’s data and assets is hack-proof.

The main point of MCCX is security and we have developed our platforms and services with the Color Code Security Technology,” said Ted Ko, Starcave Global’s CEO. “The platform and solutions under MCCX is user-centric and enables the user to access their transactions and assets in a safe and secure way.

The Color Code Security Technology powers MCCX and its services. Ghost Wallet offers a multiple wallet function where users can keep and manage not only MCCX tokens, but also other cryptocurrencies. It can be integrated with the crypto bank service of MCCX that will enable the users to access their assets and make transactions with convenience and enhanced security. Ghost Pay allows the users to integrate the Color Code Security in their payment transactions while Ghost Card is like a traditional card powered by the color code tech that can be used for purchases around the world.

MCCX’s development and implementation of the unique color code technology is a quantum leap forward for the security and ease of financial payments,” added Eddy Kim, Starcave Global Director. Kim also mentioned that the team on Starcave is focused on developing a fintech service expansion model that is user-friendly, fast, and easy to manage for the users to utilize in their daily transactions.

The MCCX ecosystem supports the Ghost Wallet platform and its services like MCC App, Starlight-AD App, Ghost Payment system, and Ghost Card. MCCX consists of two main streams: security technology and ad-mining. Ad-mining is aligned with Ghost Wallet and a cryptobank system in MCCX.

The Digital Innovators TV series, filmed in Long Island, New York, covers a trending topic and are hosted by highly respected industry experts and televised on FOX Business channel.

Fox News Channel, owned by FOX Corporation, is a premier 24-hour cable news network service breaking news on politics, business, entertainment, and technology with a massive reach of almost 90 million viewers. Under FOX News Network, FOX Business delivers up-to-date news on business, finance, and it features shows with the leading industry experts tackling the most relevant information on business, technology, and the economy.

About Starcave Global

Starcave Global is a Hong Kong-based global financial cybersecurity and payments company. It owns Starlion Company, a South Korea-based company. Its MCCX coin is listed on UBIX Bank Exchange. The MCCX token features its core technology called the Color Code Security. This core technology supports its services like the Ghost Wallet platform, Ghost Payment, and Ghost Card.

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About Digital Innovators

The Digital Innovators television series is created by The Soho Loft Productions under The Soho Loft Media Group. Led by Executive Producer Liron Artzi, Digital Innovators TV is a 30-minute one-on-one interview style television series highlighting five leading thought leaders actively involved in bringing cutting-edge technical innovations to life.

Each week the show covers a unique trending topic and is led by a guest host who is highly respected in their field of expertise. In addition, each of the five selected companies will also receive a Digital Innovators TV Award nomination as part of an annual awards show.

Filmed in Long Island, NY, the series will air on television Saturday afternoons on the Fox Business channel, as sponsored content, with select guests also being provided with the opportunity to additionally film in NASDAQ’s Times Square Studio in NYC.

To garner maximum attention, each show is promoted using national television teasers leading up to their broadcast

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