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Starcave Global Ltd, a global financial cybersecurity and payments company, today launched its MCCX project.

Starcave Global Ltd, a global financial cybersecurity and payments company, today launched its MCCX project offering solutions and services that provide superior security for fintech and crypto transactions such as the revolutionary Color Code Technology, the Ghost Wallet system, Ghost Pay, and Ghost Card.

The current centralized structure of the payment and financial system is flawed, and does not do enough to prevent incidents of hacking, fraud, and accidental payments that frequently appear within these environments. Starcave is rebuilding these systems and structures to be hack-proof.

Starcave Global’s unique response to this challenge is the Color Code System that draws its inspiration from nature – color. This is the core security technology that powers MCCX and its services. As opposed to the current binary system, the Color Code Technology enables the users to draw any pattern on a color grid to form a combination of colors which provide nearly infinite possible combinations.  The generated ‘color code’ from the combination of colors is unique, because every color represents a specific value. This code represents a ‘security code’ that is disposable, not reusable, and cannot be replicated; ideal for preventing any hacking attempts. This system ensures that the identity of the user is kept safe and not disclosed during each transaction.

The concept of hack prevention by distributing the rights of payment to the users can be evaluated as a true blockchain project. This is the solution of MCCX for the security problem in the existing payment system today,” Starcave Global Chairman Harrison Park stated. “We are continuously working on developing the interoperability of this color code system, so it can be seamlessly applied and integrated with other business processes and applications that require security, speed, and ease of use.

In the MCCX ecosystem, the Ghost Wallet platform, which runs on the Color Code Security technology, also supports the other key services such as Ghost Pay, Ghost Card, MCC App, and Starlight-AD App.

Ghost Wallet presents a function where users can use and manage MCCX tokens along with other cryptocurrencies. The users can freely access and manage their activities with convenience and enhanced security,” added Starcave Global’s CEO Ted Ko. “This platform and the other services available under MCCX were developed to solve the security issues  and facilitate easy transactions – all driven by the users’ choice.

The Ghost Pay enables users to use the Color Code Security system for their payment transactions, while the Ghost Card functions like a traditional card that can be used worldwide but powered with the hack-proof color code technology.

Our team is focused on developing a fintech service expansion model that will enable users to enjoy these superior technologies through simple transactions: user-friendly, easy-to-manage, fast and convenient,” said Starcave Global’s Director, Eddy Kim. “MCCX’s development and implementation of the unique color code technology is a quantum leap forward for the security and ease of financial payments.

The MCCX structure also consist of another stream aside from security technology: ad-mining. This is aligned with a cryptobank system and the Ghost Wallet platform.

MCCX is expected to consistently expand and develop its services which provide users the tools for managing their cryptocurrencies and daily economic activities and while ensuring the convenience and security of these transactions.

About Starcave Global

Starcave Global is a Hong Kong-based global financial cybersecurity and payments company. It owns Starlion Company, a South Korea-based company. Its MCCX coin is listed on UBIX Bank Exchange. The MCCX token features its core technology called the Color Code Security. This core technology supports its services like the Ghost Wallet platform, Ghost Payment, and Ghost Card.

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