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beMobi Fintech International Ltd provides its AI-powered fintech solutions for their users on a global scale

beMobi Fintech International Ltd is an AI-powered fintech platform designed to serve the existing financial market.

The DIFC office will be the headquarters for the global business of beMobi Fintech International Ltd. beMobi will have access to the largest banks and retailers in the Middle East region with its presence in Dubai.

Commenting on the newly formed office, Vladlen Levchuk, beMobi’s chairman, said: “We are very delighted to have our office open at the Dubai Fintech Hive which serves as the core for fintech companies.

With Dubai now recognized as one of the top FinTech hubs in the world and number one in the MENA region, beMobi Fintech International Ltd is placed in the best position to grow innovative products further and be part of a platform which contributes to MENA Fintech ecosystems development and access to vast opportunities.”

Business Development Director, Raviraj Kachchhala, said: “I am delighted that beMobi Fintech International Ltd will be able to offer its services and Fintech solutions into the business environment in Dubai and in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region through the DIFC Fintech Hive.

We believe that beMobi’s virtual financial assistant will provide an advanced and truly seamless payment experience for all types of financial activities and create a sphere where users and merchants can interact on a global scale. With the rise of Dubai’s retail and financial industry, we want to contribute to the development of the DIFC Fintech ecosystem and growing our business within the region.”

beMobi’s virtual financial assistant is an AI-powered solution that offers multiple financial services for the users and the merchants in their platform including a digital wallet and bonus rewards program. beMobi provides a secure and hyper-personalized service for the users based on the accumulated data of the AI program. The bonus rewards can be earned for every transaction made and the accumulated points can be exchanged into a currency.

About beMobi

beMobi is an Artificial Intelligence engine specifically for all financial services via a decentralized platform. It serves all participants of the existing financial system.

beMobi users can execute any type of payments or transfers, including offline digital payments, which is the first in the world.

We provide the latest identification technologies, including a one-touch web passport for instant payments.

beMobi assists retailers to increase net profits up to 30% as the platform alters the card payments architecture up from the ground.