DSCVR Esports pilot episode featuring 78-year-old CS:GO world champion “DieHardBirdie” premieres on Bloomberg TV

The latest DSCVR Esports episode featuring Abbe “DieHardBirdie” Borg, the 78-year-old senior Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) world champion, will air on Bloomberg TV with broadcast on the EMEA region this March 20, 2021. This episode was filmed inside the Nasdaq Studios in Times Square, New York City before the quarantine period.

Abbe “DieHardBirdie” Borg spoke with David Drake, the host of DSCVR and the chairman and founder of LDJ Capital and The Soho Loft Media Group. In this episode, DieHardBirdie called on other senior gamers as he announced that he is forming his own esports team and his other plans for the future.

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I am forming my own team called Golden Snipers and I am inviting my fellow grandparents and senior gamers to join me and play games. Bring it on! You just need to have some guts, patience, and the discipline to practice playing games,” DieHardBirdie said.

Recently, Abbe “DieHardbirdie” was featured in the Gamebreakers documentary series with his own episode alongside other gamers. It was aired last January 31, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video and on Game+ Network. He is in talks for a collaboration with the upcoming senior-focused esports league, the Original Gangsta League or OGL. Aside from gaming, DieHardBirdie appeared on theScore esports episode on YouTube and his life story inspired the upcoming film from Hollywood executive producers Barry Rosen and Greg Klein under the title “Last Squad Standing.”

DSCVR Esports”  airs on Bloomberg Television as an independently-produced paid programming and is hosted on the Bloomberg Sponsored Content Hub.


DSCVR is a 30-minute TV show produced by The Soho Loft Productions division of The Soho Loft Media Group, a subsidiary of LDJ Capital Inc. which is based in New York. DSCVR is the investigative reporting of renowned global investor David Drake.

DSCVR showcases unique individuals, organizations, corporations, and institutions that embody ideas and innovations that change the game and create new paths. The series does a deep dive into the lives of the leaders and pioneers who actively bring success stories to life.