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Hasbro, a $9 billion toy company, teamed up with , for its challenge to design the next great game. Interested to join?  The challenge ends by Sept 30th. Winner will get $10,000 plus trip to Hasbro headquarters, and advice on how to make game design a reality.


by Catherine Clifford
Crowdfunding is how indie bands and other under-the-radar creative types raise money to record their next album, produce their next short documentary or put up their newest art show. It’s hip, it’s democratic, it’s trendy, it’s part of the everyday vernacular of millennials.


Hasbro is one of them. The toy titan has more than 5,000 employees around the world and annual revenues north of $4 billion. Founded in 1923 and publicly traded since 1968, it’s the company behind Mr. Potato Head, My Little Pony and Transformers. Today, it’s turning to the 15 million monthly users on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to help it find its next home-run game idea.
To be sure, crowdfunding is not about the money for Hasbro, which is a $9 billion company. “For us, it is building that relationship directly with the creators and makers,” says Brian Chapman, the company’s head of global design and development. Soliciting ideas from the public through crowdfunding is Hasbro “reading the pulse of the gamers,” getting a sense of the popular ideas and trends in the community, he says.
Hasbro and Indiegogo will be accepting applications to compete in the challenge through Sept. 30. The idea is to create a party game — one that encourages face-to-face, real-life interaction — not a game played on one’s phone.


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