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The University of Kansas’ official fundraising non-profit foundation, KU Endowment, is making use of its own crowdfunding campaign, Launch KU, to raise funds for a number of  university projects, which include bringing therapy dogs into the campus, buying new chairs for the musicians at the Swarthout Recital hall or digitizing the university archives’ Phog Allen collection.

It was reported by Lawrence Journal-World that between November and January, the very first seven projects received over $50,000 in capital coming from 200 benefactors. Some of the first round projects included:


  • WP4KU – Swarthout Recital Hall raised $3,150, 21 donors (121% funded);
  • Therapy Dogs Provide Stress Relief for KU Students, $980, 13 donors (12 days to go, 19% funded);
  • Preserving the Legacy of the Phog, $10,225, 71 donors (12 days to go, 20% funded;
  • National Conference for Palliative Fellows, $1,175, 17 donors (12 days to go, 23% funded);
  • KU Student Veteran Center (SVC), $3,100, 9 donors (12 days to go, 12% funded);
  • Honoring 45 Years of Diversity and Women in Engineering, $32,952, 26 donors (12 days to go, 32% funded);  and
  • Cap Fed Hall Young Alumni Campaign, $5,425, 24 donors (12 days to go, 21% funded).


Why the University of Kansas is using Crowdfunding

To raise funds for a number of university projects, which include buying new chairs for the musicians at the Swarthout Recital hall.


The second group, which consists of eight projects, will end in the middle of April.

According to David Decker, KU Endowment Senior Director of Annual Giving, the campaign is following a new method which focuses on different markets and calls out to a wider audience,  which is a change from the group’s traditional campaigns.

While the foundation will be used to fund the campaigns, the responsibility to promote the projects and do most of the fundraising still falls on the shoulders of the advocates.

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