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University students in Ohio are getting their projects funded.  The Ohio State University, considered to be one of the biggest universities in the United States in terms of numbers, recently started a fundraising crowdfunding tool, the Buckeye Funder. The platform is powered by Scalefunder, a technology-based fundraising engine, focused on educational institutions. In an interview with OSU News, Michael C. Eicher, the University  Foundation’s President and Senior Vice President for advancement, said that the Buckeye Funder will make it possible for donors, as well as alumni, to provide financial assistance for the innovative projects made by university faculty and staff. It will give the outside community easy access to connect with the university and its various endeavours.

Since everything goes directly through the foundation, in addition to the fact that the platform is primarily focusing on humanitarian projects, donations will, therefore, be tax deductible. Below are four projects already launched by the Buckeye Funder:


The Washington Academic Internship Project

Outstanding undergraduates are chosen by the Washington Academic Internship Program to be John Glenn Fellows and spend one semester in Washington, D.C. This unique opportunity will enable Ohio students to study, as well as work, in the nation’s capital. The fundraiser, which has now ended, was able to raise $12,915 from 77 donors (153 percent funded).


Honduras Sustainable Housing Project

A team composed of upperclassmen from The Ohio State University are working together to make an impact by designing a replicable, affordable and improved housing solution for Choluteca, Honduras. They had a goal of $3500, but managed to raise $7,270 from 48 donors (207 percent funded).


The Ohio State University at Marion Pay It Forward Program

This project gives students a unique chance to know about the problems in Marlon and the organizations dedicated on fixing them. It also allows them to see firsthand how grant funds are awarded. While in this program, students are able to polish and improve their English skills by writing papers, researching, thinking critically, debating, arguing and analyzing. They raised $4,075 with the help of 109 donors (101 percent funded).


Exploring The Past To Predict The Future

A group of scientists from different museums and colleges across the United States and Canada will visit a very significant place in the Canadian Arctic this July 2016, and The Ohio State University was invited to participate. This fundraising project will enable George Grant, a graduate student, Byrd Polar, a Climate Research Center researcher, to join the expedition and conduct their research on the Arctic’s environment. The fundraiser ended by raising $8,505, out of the $10,000 they had originally planned, with 78 donors (85 percent funded).


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