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London is considered to be the world’s financial capital, but with the tough competition on a daily rise, European startups are searching elsewhere to build and continue their businesses. And the good news is that it seems they don’t have to look very far. Dublin, Ireland, one of London’s neighbors, is the next contender as the world’s Fintech hub. The city has been attracting a lot of fintech and startup companies in the past few months. There are many  reasons why Dublin is getting so much attention recently. One of these reasons is how much the city is focusing on Bitcoin and Fintech, which could also be beneficial for the development of digital currency.

Another major reason is, undoubtedly, the support of the Irish government, as opposed to other European countries where support is only minimal at best. Enterprise Ireland is the Irish government agency committed to the growth and development of Irish companies in the global market. Other driving forces behind  Dublin’s growth are substantial entrepreneurs and well-founded companies, like Google who has widened its Google Tech Hub network to Dublin.


Why European startups are Flocking over to Dublin

Many people are travelling to the city, sharing insights, and expanding their network.


Moreover, due to the growing number of conferences and events being held in Dublin, many people are travelling to the city, allowing the convergence of hundreds of intelligent minds to share insights, as well as expand their network. Dublin, which is only a train-ride away from London, is very conducive for entrepreneurs and firms on the lookout for more funding.

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