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College tuition is more expensive than ever. In Alabama, the tuition for colleges averages about $5,929 per year for in-state students and $13,348 for out-of-state students. Currently, the debt for student loans in America is almost $1.3 trillion. A student graduating college this year will start off by being in debt by over $37,000, a 6% increase from last year.

Because of this problem, some students are utilizing crowdfunding websites to raise their tuition money. One of these sites is GoFundMe, where there is a tab labelled ‘Education’ that features several campaigns intended to finance college tuition.


Why College Students are Turning to This Crowdfunding Site for Help

GoFundMe features several campaigns intended to finance college tuition.


Ron Brown, stated that without the assistance of GoFundMe, graduating from Birmingham School of Law would have been impossible. “It was very crucial to me, to get where I am today,” said Brown. “I used everything I could. I used my savings, I used all of my 401k. In order to do the program, I needed $5,500.” He added, “I had a lot of anonymous people, a lot of friends (donate),” he said. “Local attorney Alexander Shunnarah, he gave $500 to it.”

“People have dreams, and sometimes you don’t know how to get your dream out and you need help,” Brown said. “I’m very grateful for GoFundMe.” Brown is now paying it forward by financing other’s GoFundMe pages.

High school senior, Sara Harper said, “I’ve gotten three donations on it, just because I’ve shared it with my family.” She was able to reach her target of $1,000 within two months to pay for her University of Birmingham tuition.

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