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Vanquish Worldwide has formed an investment partnership with Angel Capital Group (ACG). An early stage private equity investing company, ACG is currently operating in nine states. In 2014, it partnered with RAIN Source Capital and surpassed a combined 10-year investing history by investing almost $44 million in 135 different companies across  different market sectors. The companies in which ACG has invested have created more than 4,500 job opportunities and have capital investments worth over $750 million.

Following the new partnership with Vanquish, a new satellite office for ACG staff shall be established at Business Owners Benefits Association, a Vanquish sister firm located  in Maryville.

Eric Barton, CEO and President of Vanquish as well as a major shareholder and board member of ACG, stated that strategic financiers and exceptional entrepreneurs are the main drivers of economy and for them to prosper, they need more flexibility and greater stability in the private equity network. This means that it is not only the startups establishing their businesses in local communities that need help and support, but also businesses of all sizes across the nation. He also added that he believes the future will be  brighter following the ACG and Vanquish alliance emphasizing that more businesses will benefit from Angel investing.

Eric Dobson, CEO of ACG, said that it is advantageous for both ACG and Vanquish that Barton has vast knowledge, experience and strategy from the startup companies he has successfully developed, including Vanquish. He also expressed his optimism for the union.

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