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This year has been good for most investors and borrowers following the immense success of crowdfunding, and all prospects show that in 2016, things will get even better. Being a relatively new way of raising investment funds for companies in different sectors, crowdfunding has attracted a wide range of participants who want to gain its benefits.


Tilt Platform Introduces a Mobile App for Crowdfunding

Mobile Apps


Based on the success that has been recorded in the crowdfunding industry, there are those who are trying to imitate the phenomenon. However, these new breed of companies should be cautious because if they get on board for the wrong reasons, or without an intelligent strategy, then it would be easy for them to get crushed, and wither away. Whether these companies survive or not, there is no doubt that crowdfunding is here to stay, and is reaching higher levels of innovations and success by the day. This is due to ongoing developments in the sector such as formation of new partnerships, development of new crowdfunding tools, formulation of new regulations, increasing crowdfunding platforms, increased crowdfunding education/awareness campaigns, etc.


Tilt Platform Introduces a Mobile App for Crowdfunding

Changes in Technology Industry


Tilt platform is one of the companies bringing new changes to the industry. The platform is available on android, iOS and desktop. It is simple to use, and is likely to bring a new twist into the sector.

The best thing about it is that it’s free, user-friendly,and  is most suitable for group gifts, fundraisers, holidays – anything that involves a group of 15 to 1,500 people. This platform has been quite often referred to as micro-crowdfunding.


Tilt Platform Introduces a Mobile App for Crowdfunding

Start Raising Fund through this platform


Users of the platform can start raising funds for their campaigns in less than one minute. The only thing that’s required is typing a short description of the campaign and the amount that has to be raised.Then invite friends to contribute – it is that simple!


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