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Are you bothered by metallic jingling of keys? Vince Ho developed the product to solve this – the MAGKEY smart holder. Get 1 MAGKEY by sharing only $10 in his campaign at , still ongoing for 2 more weeks.


by Kim Lachance Shandrow


Ding, ping, jangle, jingle, plink. It’s enough to make you nuts.

Does the metallic clink of keys clanging together drive you batty? Well, the noisy buggers sure rattle Vince Ho’s cage. So much so that the Huntington Beach, Calif., product designer invented a clever key ring solution that quietly puts keys in their place. Pet peeve crushed.

Meet MagKey, a key holder and magnet combo that eliminates the annoying din of jangling keys. The kit, brilliantly simple, comes with a lightweight magnetic (neodymium) key ring and eight super slim peel-and-stick magnets.

You simply stick the included positive and negative magnetic adhesives on the tops your existing metal home and car keys, then slide them onto the special key ring. And — voila, in one satisfying thwack — all of your loose keys that would otherwise annoyingly rattle magically (technically magnetically) band together. With no room to wiggle, they’re noisy no more, neatly and silently stuck together in a row.


There's Something Strangely Soothing About This Silly Key Ring on Kickstarter


“Everyone’s got something they want to fix about the world,” Ho writes on MagKey’s Kickstarter page, “for me it was noisy keys. After months of prototyping different key holders — I had an epiphany! Why not use magnets?” Yeah, why not? It works like a charm.

Ho’s brand new key-quieting system is already off to a strong start. It’s killing it on Kickstarter right now, blazing past his $15,000 goal with 20 days to go. Some $63,000 in for MagKey are locked up so far. Plenty of 4-packs of the lightweight product are still available via the crowdfunding campaign, starting at just $10.



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