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According to the report by the aerospace consulting firm Tauri Group, 2015 was a record setting year for space ventures. $2.7 billion in investments and debt financing, along with  $1.8 billion venture capital, was invested in the space sector, which has surpassed the amount received in the past 15 years, combined.

The report also showed that out of the 1,826 people from the Forbes’ billionaires list, 21 of them are affiliated with a space enterprise. Some of these prominent angel investors are Jeff Bezos,; Charles Ergen, Dish Network; Paul Allen, Microsoft; Eric Schmidt, Google; Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic and Bill Gates, Microsoft. Also, more than 110 venture capital companies have invested in space firms, such as Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Founders Fund, First Round Capital, RRE Ventures, Bessemer and Khosla.


The Future is Looking Good for the Space Industry

Since 2000, space ventures have drawn more than $13.3 billion worth of investments.


There have been a lot of notable changes as well. Since 2000, space ventures have drawn more than $13.3 billion worth of investments, which includes the $5.1billion in debt financing. More than 80 venture and angel funded space firms have been created, and 8 of them have been obtained for a value totaling to $2.2 billion.

Overall, most of the investors who were interviewed by the Group have a very positive viewpoint on the bright future of the space industry.

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