JOBS Act: Interview with Scott Purcell, CEO of Arctic Island

By David Drake To probe the legal intricacies revolving around the JOBS Act and how these new laws might impact the crowdfunding scene in the next months leading to and right after the much-anticipated full implementation of crowdfunding for equity, David Drake spoke with Scott Purcell, CEO of Arctic Island. Drake:Scott, you are a co-founder […]

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PE Predictions for 2013

By David Drake We had slower than expected growth in 2012, yet we grew more than the other contracting markets of China and Europe. The promises and outlook for 2013 during Thomson Reuters’ Buyout Dallas Conference last fall saw close to 50% of the General Partners with a neutral to slightly improving 2013. Not exactly […]

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Obama’s 10 Steps with SEC & FINRA to Legalize US Equity Crowd Funding

Obama’s 10 Steps with SEC & FINRA to Legalize US Equity Crowd Funding By David Drake Crowd funding for equity won’t be ready till Q4 2013 at the earliest and my guess is that implementation will be closer to Q1 2014. Let me walk you through my thinking around this. SEC Chair Mary Schapiro will […]

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CFIRA August 30 2012 Letter to FINRA on Regulatory Notice 12-34: Request for Comment on Proposed Regulation of Crowdfunding Activities

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Senator Merkley’s Letter to President Obama 7/26/2012 – supported by The Soho Loft

Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon) wrote this letter addressed to President Obama on Thursday July 26, 2012.  It is an excellent piece on what is needed for crowd fund investing to become an effective law – The Soho Loft supports this thorough outline of what is needed.  Please share this letter.   Statement for the Record […]

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SEC Gives Hints on Equity Crowdfunding at June 13 and June 18 Meetings in Washington, DC

The Soho Loft Capital Creation CEO, David Drake and Launcht CEO, Freeman White, were in DC June 18 as part of a delegation from CFIRA to discuss equity crowdfunding rule-making with the SEC, FINRA, and Congress. Today July 13 they meet again.   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   SeedInvest, Jul 20, 2012 SeedInvest Returning to Philadelphia […]

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