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Rodrigo Niño 
CEO and founder of Prodigy Network

Rodrigo Niño, CEO and founder of Prodigy Network, is revolutionizing both the real estate and crowdfunding industries by being the first to meld the two worlds.

After successfully representing numerous projects in Miami for sales and marketing, Niño brought Prodigy Network to Manhattan in 2007 and immediately started working on some of New York’s most iconic projects, including Andre Balazs’ residential condominium, William Beaver House and the Trump Organization’s ground breaking hotel condominium, Trump SoHo. Meanwhile, Niño continued to build on his success and expand internationally by pursuing projects in Mexico, Colombia, and Panama.

Niño developed a crowdfunding model as a safe and innovative way of giving smaller investors access to large real estate assets. With this model, he set the world record in crowd funding by summoning 3,500 investors and raising more than $200 million in less than two years to fund the tallest building in Colombia, the BD Bacata.

Niño is also the creator of My Ideal City, an initiative sponsored by the project BD Bacata in Bogotá, the first skyscraper in Colombia. My Ideal City is essentially an urban planning model that allows people to engage in a conversation with world-class experts on the future of the city thanks to a technology platformand social networks.This innovative crowd creation and bottom-up approach, combined with crowdfunding, allows citizens to not only define the ideal city in which to live, but also to finance itMy Ideal City was featured in the architectural gallery AEDES in Berlin, gaining global relevance as the way to define the cities of the future.

With Niño’s direction Prodigy Network leads a range of impressive crowdfunding projects worth over 250 million dollars in Colombia including BD Bacata, Bacata Express, Aeropuerto Business Hub and Bogota Art District.

By completing AKA Wall Street, a 90 million dollar project in Manhattan under the Reg-S exemption for foreign nationals, Niño pioneered crowdfunding in the U.S. with investors from over six different nationalities.Nino’s crowdfunding model is known for encompassing a third party fiduciary company to ensure full disclosure and added transparency. His current project is 17 John, an extended stay hotel in lower Manhattan, which upon completion will stand 23 stories high, and have 191 furnished units. World-renowned architect WinkaDubbeldam is the lead architect on the project.

With 15 years of seasoned experience in real estate, Niño is often featured in leading publications, including The Wall Street Journal,Businessweek, Forbes, The Economist, The New York Times, Fast Company, and MashableAlso a distinguished speaker, he has spoken worldwide conferences and was a noteworthy guest at PSFK Conference 2013 and the AEDES gallery in Berlin.

Niño, a Colombian native and a Manhattan resident, has created Prodigy Network’s proven crowdfunding model to deliver international real estate opportunities to small accredited investors to access returns previously unattainable by most.




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