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Ronnie DeMichael and David Drake caught  up with each other after a decade at The Soho Loft II Investor Luncheon series.

Snapped: Ronnie DeMichael & David Drake Met Up at The Soho Loft II

Ronnie DeMichael

Ronnie deMichael runs the business development of of Jay Z Entertainment & Sports Management Company,  which is  involved with music mobile phones. Ronnie  has been working with Jay Z, the company owner,  for 15 years.


Previously,  he was the CFO of the apparel group Rocawear for 13 years. This company was owned by   Damon Dash and Jay Z  as partners, and they split in 2005.   They sold the company to Iconics in 2007 for $250M.  Jay Z kept  the men’s license that Ronnie ran till 2013 when they gave up that license. In 2008,  Jay Z built his Roc Nation, a full-service entertainment company that  manages both talents and athletes.  Ronnie works with Jay Z.


DeMichael mentioned he was impressed with Eataly,  as well as  knew chef Anthony  Bourdain  and his plans for a Bourdain Market in West 57.


He  attended a family office series lunch that Drake’s  media company www.FamilyOffices.Today  sponsored.  Join the next one and meet a family office


On March 21, the topic up for discussion is the Investment hotspots for 2016.  

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