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By Ridaa H. Murad


This was an interesting experience.  I got to spend a whole evening with Keanu Reeves  and his partner Gard Hollinger,  who is my neighbor, at their motorcycle company’s manufacturing plant, talking about bikes, drinking Bulleit Bourbon and just admiring the incredible machines they are producing.

Keanu is an avid biker, and loves riding bikes.  He’s had every type of bike you can think of but decided to have one made by Gard Hollinger, an extremely famous motorcycle designer and manufacturer.  In the process,  he decided to start a new bicycle company together with Gard  and Arch Motorcycle was born.  They will make 30 bikes a year only.  They have made 14 since they started the business.  Keanu says it’s his favorite bike of all time. He enjoys it so much that he had to give to  the world the opportunity to explore these bikes.

He  is a genuinely nice person.  I mean really kind, engaging, not a single chip on his shoulder and unbelievably down to earth.  I learnt that he actually gave a percentage of his Matrix Series income away to be shared by everyone who worked on the project. You will remember that Matrix was one of the highest grossing series of all time.

Keanu  is a Canadian national, born in Beirut,  Lebanon to a Hawaiian Dad and an  English Mom.  Believe it or not, he  has a global sense of things going on, including geo politically.  He is thinking of revitalizing Bill & Ted’s Journey at the age of 50!!!



Ridaa H Ridaa H. Murad serves as a Managing Director at Christina Development. He is responsible for the firm’s strategy, structuring and financing relationships. Mr. Murad most recently held Vice President positions at both Barclays Capital and HSBC Bank where he was in charge of the firms Indian Equity Investments. He was a co-founder of Veda Asset Management, LLC, an alternative asset management and advisory firm and the Managing Partner of the Veda Multi Strategy India Fund, LP an emerging markets dedicated investment fund. Mr. Murad was an Associate Director and Product Manager at Bear Stearns in the Structured Equity Products division prior to starting Veda Asset Management. Mr. Murad is a John C. Whitehead Fellow of the Foreign Policy Association and a member of the Harrow Association. Mr. Murad has been involved with various charitable organizations including StreetSquash, CitySquash, Madison Square Boys & Girls Club and Young Wall Street. Mr. Murad earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics as a Charles June Patrick Scholar from Bard College in New York.


Featured Image credit: Ridaa H. Murad

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