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Leonardo DiCaprio may have finally won an Oscar, but he’s not exactly winning the hearts of some environmental activists. DiCaprio claims to be an environmentalist advocate, he even dedicated his speech in the Oscars on climate change. But he clearly has a lot of work to do in the “practice what you preach” department.

Indonesia almost banned DiCaprio, after the latter criticized the former in social media for clearcutting forests. Now, the Oscar winning actor is now under fire for allegedly taking a private jet to accept an environmental award which created an 8,000 miles carbon footprint.


 Snapped: Is Leonardo DiCaprio not Practicing what he Preaches?

Leonardo DiCaprio | Credit to Day Donaldson via CC


“[It] diminishes his moral authority to lecture others on reducing their own carbon emissions”, says environmental analyst, Robert Rapier. He added, “[He] demonstrates exactly why our consumption of fossil fuels continues to grow. It’s because everyone loves the combination of cost and convenience they offer. Alternatives usually require sacrifice of one form or another. Everybody says, ‘I’ve got a good reason for consuming what I consume’ . . . It’s the exact same rationalization for billions of people.”

But a DiCaprio source claimed that the actor only “hitched a ride” since it “was the only way he could make it in time for both events”. Even so, this is definitely not DiCaprio’s first time to be scrutinized for dumping carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere.



Featured Image credit to John Gillespie Via CC

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