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By Ridaa H. Murad


I was genuinely blown away by how honest Chelsea Clinton was.  I am an ideological liberal but a fiscal conservative so I do not have a party to stand for.  Personally, I am willing to vote for my values over my taxes.  I am lucky to be able to do so and the values will transfer to the values the rest of the world inherits,  including my children should I have any.


1.   Chelsea believes as do I that this is the MOST important election of our times.  Definitely since World War II.  One Supreme Court seat is already open and two to three more could be vacated in the next two terms (8 years).  The US Constitution is one of the most important and beautifully written documents of all time and protecting it  is one of the most important tasks at hand.  Who gets nominated in those Supreme Court seats will decide the fate of Gender Rights, Race Rights, Immigration Rights, Sexual Rights, Marriage Equality and Environmental Protections.  If we elect the wrong person, she says, “As a Mom, I worry about what my children will grow up in in  the world and ideals they will cherish.  The rights we have fought so hard as a nation for over 300 years may all come under scrutiny and possibly take steps in the wrong direction.  I cannot have that on my conscience and that’s not just because my mother is running for the White House.”

2.    If Hillary wins, Chelsea will be the first and likely the only person to have both parents in the White House running it.  She understands the massive responsibility that comes along with that and is now spending full time working on cause-related activities, mostly in education, gender rights and others.

3.   She is  married to the son of an immigrant, and thus believes that positive and managed immigration rights are a key to keeping America’s edge.  As she mentioned, the brightest and greatest minds come to America to make their dreams come true.  We should encourage that as positive Brain Drain. It is the biggest advantage this country has had over others in recent history.


Positive and managed immigration rights are a key to keeping America’s edge.

Positive and managed immigration rights are a key to keeping America’s edge.


4.   She worries how the US is seen abroad. In her recent travels,  she is shocked at how many people think that Capitalism as a system may not be the best one and that Democracy as a system may not be the best one solely from what they have been seeing in this election and nomination cycle with Trump’s Reality TV Show of a campaign and Bernie’s massive surge on a platform of Socialism.  She worries that the reason the US is voting and acting that way is because people are frustrated with Washington DC. The people  think the systems are broken and the game is rigged as majority of Americans have seen their real incomes fall over the last decade,  while Fed policies of zero interest rates have created asset bubbles making the asset rich richer dramatically.

5.   She thinks that some of the items she mentioned are direct results of what parents have taught their millennial children.  That coming seventh in a race deserves a Participation Award, taking away from the winners the victory to make everyone feel like a winner. There are other ways that  the greatest wealth-creating generation in history, the Baby Boomers,  have chosen to instill value systems.


She addressed the concern  of many individuals’ feelings  about Hillary’s “lack of trust” issues people have with her as well as  the “Email Scandal” and what could come out of it.  On the latter she said all she could do was wait and see what the legal system decided.


Ridaa HRidaa H. Murad serves as a Managing Director at Christina Development. He is responsible for the firm’s strategy, structuring and financing relationships. Mr. Murad most recently held Vice President positions at both Barclays Capital and HSBC Bank where he was in charge of the firms Indian Equity Investments. He was a co-founder of Veda Asset Management, LLC, an alternative asset management and advisory firm and the Managing Partner of the Veda Multi Strategy India Fund, LP an emerging markets dedicated investment fund. Mr. Murad was an Associate Director and Product Manager at Bear Stearns in the Structured Equity Products division prior to starting Veda Asset Management. Mr. Murad is a John C. Whitehead Fellow of the Foreign Policy Association and a member of the Harrow Association. Mr. Murad has been involved with various charitable organizations including StreetSquash, CitySquash, Madison Square Boys & Girls Club and Young Wall Street. Mr. Murad earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics as a Charles June Patrick Scholar from Bard College in New York.

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