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CrowdLords is a residential property crowdfunding company with more than 1,500 registered investors. The company connects property developers and managers to investors looking for secured residential property investments. The increase in the number of investors has led to a rapid increase in the activities on the platform with more than 150 investors pledging over £0.5 million. There are also more than 100 prospective property developers and landlords who have joined the platform. CrowdLords has launched its second round of financing on Seedrs, aiming to crowdfund £200,000. The offer is set to end this July. The company will also be using this offer to reach out to more investors and also scale its business. The main aim of the company at this stage is to attract as many property developers, landlords and investors as possible. With the increasing number of members joining the firm, it renews its commitment to ensure that the residential equity crowdfunding model works for all parties.

CrowdLords has integrated some of the most essential elements of crowdfunding such as transparency, diversity and profitability.

The firm’s primary objective is to provide choice and diversification for its members. Every investor is different, and therefore, each requires a wide range of options to choose the one that suits them best. In this regard, the platform works with different developers and landlords, located in various parts of the country, with different residential properties and investment structures. This allows the members to decide on which property to invest in. There is a high level of transparency on the platform and members are allowed to explore each project by accessing all information and asking questions whenever they are not yet convinced.


Residential Crowdfunding Platform CrowdLords Receives Pledges Worth £0.5 Million

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It is every investor’s wish to have peace of mind and be in control of their investments. The company vets each project before listing it on the platform, allows investors to explore the projects, gives them a chance to decide on which project to commit their investments, updates investors on the project’s progress and sends them their returns as agreed. All these are done through the internet.

CrowdLords has integrated some of the most essential elements of crowdfunding such as transparency, diversity and profitability, and they believe they are going to continue attracting more participants nationally and internationally.





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