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Speaker Profile of Scott Purcell

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Scott Purcell
Founder, CEO, FundAmerica

Scott is the founder of FundAmerica, a highly focused technology, software, and compliance services provider to the emerging equity and debt crowdfunding industry. We power the back-end compliance technology for numerous broker-dealers, portals and others who make a business of online formation pursuant to rule Titles II and III of the JOBS Act. He is an active Board member of the Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory Association (CFIRA) and the author of the book “The Definitive Guide to Equity and Debt Crowdfunding” as well as the “Industry Best Practices for Funding Portals”. He is the author of CFIRA’s position on “BD and Registered Portal Regulatory Mechanics” and has been an active editor and co-author of numerous other industry papers. As the nascent crowdfunding industry takes shape, Scott brings considerable experience in both securities and internet technology. In 1988 he founded a trust company that managed fixed income instruments for institutional investors, which he sold to a regional bank and built to over $1 billion in assets. Scott also started a bond trading desk, a clearing firm for institutional investors, and published a book “The Guide to Fixed Income Investing”. In 1994 he founded Epoch Networks, one of the world’s first ISP’s, and raised over $60 million in venture capital. As a founding Board member of the Commercial Internet eXchange (CIX), he often represented the nascent industry before Congress and the FCC. In 1999 Scott founded OnAir Networks, raised over $40 million in venture capital and built the first music storage, streaming and downloading services for Sony and Universal. During this time he was retained by the Recording Industry Association of America to advise them on internet technology issues and copyright matters, and to represent the industry before Congress.

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