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Markus Lampinen

Markus Lampinen, Co-founder & CEO at Crowd Valley Inc.

Markus has founded several innovative companies and NGOs, held advisory roles in various organizations and sits on the boards of several growing companies. He is a global investor and partner at the Grow VC group, where he has been pioneering new funding models in the US and Europe, as well as advising policy makers globally for a more effective market. Markus has also worked with actors in both the private and public sector, to improve the framework for new funding models, including crowdfunding, to support new innovation. He serves as a frequent public speaker on related themes.

Markus is an internationally awarded entrepreneur and part of the Sandbox Network, the foremost global community of extraordinary young achievers.

Culturally diverse background from the US, Sweden, Spain and Finland, analytical being and enthusiasm to match, Markus loves working on high impact strategies, but also being hands on in ensuring progress is made. Right at home in the high pace, competitive global world, he is particularly fascinated by challenges and opportunities, that are just looking for the taker.

Markus is keen to play his part in the change of societies’ values during the years to come and making an end to an era “me”-thinking, in stead of “we”-thinking. Always making a point to expect and demand the best of people, not accepting anything less.

Currently Markus is working with innovating our way out of this rut, with a focus on entrepreneurship as the driving force for our economies, both globally as well as locally. He is proud to be working with some of the most brilliant and inspired people on the planet – building our collective future, brick by brick.

I love moving forward and being a part of something “big”. Learning and developing, both within a professional context and as a human being, is something I look for in my life, as well as my career.

Recruiting, new funding models, crowdfunding, entrepreneurship and getting things done.

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