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by David Drake


New York City Bus lanes now have cameras that take pictures of drivers who illegally park their cars or drive in these lanes.These traffic cameras started operating in Harlem’s 125th Street on February 1, 2016. Motorists whose pictures are captured by these cameras along M60 route are slapped with a $115 traffic violation ticket. Prior to installing the traffic cameras, the transportation department in New York City had been running a grace period of 60 days which only issued drivers with warnings.


A Look at the Statistics

M60 route had enforcement cameras installed on sixteen routes in 2015 following an agreement between the city and Albany. According to the Metropolitan Transport Authority, an estimated 9600 riders use the M60 route each day. In 2014, the Independent Office for Budget estimated 75 percent of the fines paid for violation of traffic rules, like running red lights, speeding and driving on bus lanes, were captured on traffic cameras. The total amount collected in New York City from violations caught on camera throughout 2014 amounted to $41 million, a number that has significantly increased from the $11.2 million generated in 1999.


How These Cameras Work

The New York City bus lane surveillance cameras work by capturing the license plates of cars that cross bus lanes illegally, and then proceed to issue violators with tickets. Compared to red light cameras that issue fines of $50 per ticket, the bus lane camera violations see to it that violators pay more than 100 percent of this amount. The installation process started in November, 2015 on Manhattan’s East Side. First and Second Avenues were the targeted areas in the first installation round with more installations set to happen in due course.


NYC Keeps a Watchful Eye on Bus Lanes

The installation process started in November, 2015 on Manhattan’s East Side.


Bus Camera Tickets

Motorists can use bus lanes to take right turns that are acceptable under traffic laws, or to pick up or drop passengers expeditiously. However, the violation of bus lane traffic laws will earn motorists a camera ticket, which is, more or less, the same as a parking ticket. It does not affect a person’s driving record. However, when a driver is issued such a ticket, as in certain situations when a police officer may give out a camera ticket under the disobey traffic regulating device, then the motorist will have 2 demerit points which shows on their driver’s license. If a driver earns enough demerit points, he or she may lose their license all together.





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