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Microsoft Indonesia plans to partner with various venture capital companies in the area to fund about 15 to 20 startups annually. This is a continuation of the company’s Indonesia M-Powered Program, which helps startups and disadvantaged children from remote areas.

According to Microsoft Indonesia’s Director, Anthonius Henricus, the organization is now guiding 364 startups, and their aim is to reach 500 by the close of 2020.

Henricus said, “We are aligning this program to that of government’s. We will assist this startups until they get funding from VCs; starting from pre-seed, series A, series B, and so on, until we find that unicorn.”


Microsoft Indonesia and local VCs join hands to inspire startups and boost internet connectivity



The company has been operating in Indonesia for the last 20 years. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, has reaffirmed that his company is committed to empower and support Indonesian communities for the development of a sustainable, digital ecosystem.

Nadella said, “Our mission at Microsoft is to empower every person and every organisation around the world, including Indonesia, to do more.”

The leading tech company has developed several technology portals where software developers can create innovative services and apps using the organization’s operating portals.


Microsoft Indonesia and local VCs join hands to inspire startups and boost internet connectivity

Support from the Research & Development team of Microsoft.


Kelase, an Indonesian startup that creates and provides online educational content, features and services, is among the 12 global companies partnering with Microsoft under its Affordable Access Initiative  to have a worldwide internet connectivity. Recipients of the grant are from 11 countries across 5 continents: United States, United Kingdom, Uganda, Rwanda, Philippines, Nigeria, Malawi, Indonesia, India, Botswana and Argentina.

Kelase is said to have received a grant of $81,000 from Microsoft.

In 2014, Kelase received seed funding of an undisclosed amount from the  Indonesian-based financial & investment company, PT Insights Investments, after debuting its test version.

Besides financial support, recipients of the grant will be able to access the global network that connects social initiatives with mentors and peers. They will also get support from the Research & Development team of Microsoft.

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