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The Soho Loft Conferences and Victoria Global support RealCap Chicago: Introducing Online Capital to Real Estate Entrepreneurs, organized by American Homeowner Preservation,  to be held in Chicago, IL, on September 29, 2016


Real estate entrepreneurs, VCs, angels, corporate investors, family offices, EB5 real estate investors, exhibiting companies, service providers, real estate professionals, real estate crowdfunding sites/platforms, academia and media will be attending this exclusive conference that will be held at One Financial Place, 440 S. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL.  


David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital, says, ” This conference will bring together leading real estate crowdfunding professionals and platforms in the country. It is a must-attend event for those who want to learn the developments and predictions of real estate crowdfunding and how to pitch a real estate project and get it funded online.”


This conference will bring together leading real estate crowdfunding professionals and platforms in the country

This conference will bring together leading real estate crowdfunding professionals and platforms in the country


The conference will feature several topics including:

  • The evolution of real estate crowdfunding
  • Where we were, where we are and where we want to be
  • How crowdfunding for realty works
  • Legal ins and outs of crowdfunding
  • Attracting institutional capital
  • Direct public offering for realty
  • Finding and accessing capital
  • Social impact and community investments
  • Making an impact with the crowd
  • Mission-related investing
  • Crowdfunding for non-accredited investors: Reg. A+ and IL intrastate exemption
  • Telling the story behind your project, and
  • Marketing to attract investors.   


Crowdfunding in Chicago



It will also feature pitch workshop for entrepreneurs who are serious about pitching their business ideas to investors. During the workshop, entrepreneurs’ pitches will be completely destructed and they will be helped to formulate concise and clean pitches that comprise of only investors look for when considering an investment. There will be networking breaks, after-event cocktail party, and exhibition showcasing different amazing projects. Attendees will get a program kit with profiles of speakers, investors, and sponsors.


The event will be moderated by Markley S. Rodrick, Crowdfunding Attorney at Flaster/Greenberg; Jorge Newbery, Founder and CEO, American Homeowner Preservation; Scott Purcell, Founder and CEO of FundAmerica; and Amy Kirsch, Peer Realty. Keynote speakers include:

  • Adapia D’Errico, Chief Marketing Officer, Patch of Land
  • Anthony Zeoli, Crowdfunding Attorney/ Partner, Freeborn and Peters LLP
  • Ben Armstrong, VP Operations, Groundfloor
  • Ben Bingham, Founder, 3Sisters Sustainable Management
  • Ben Schulman, Director of Communications, Small Change
  • Bhavik Dani, Dealflow Officer, Equity Roots
  • Brian Duggan, President, Guardian Capital
  • Charisse Conanan Johnson, CFA, General Partner, Bulldog Innovation Group/ Director, Next Street/ Founder, Charisse Says
  • Daniel Kelly, Head of Marketing, PeerRealty
  • Daniel Mulcahy, Managing Director, ZacksInvest
  • David Doig, President, Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives
  • Eve Picker, Founder and President, Small Change
  • Georgia Quinn, CEO and Co-Founder, iDisclose
  • Heather Schwarz, Co-Founder,
  • John Uhlein, Founder, Grenadier Capital, LLC
  • Jordan Fishfeld, Founder and CEO, CFX
  • Jordan Uditsky, Attorney, Gould & Ratner LLP
  • Jorge Newbery, Founder and CEO, American Homeowner Preservation
  • Markley S. Rodrick, Crowdfunding Attorney, Flaster/Greenberg
  • Marty Coyne, Chief Technology Officer, Connected Investors
  • Michael Norton, Vice President of Business Development, Houlihan Capital
  • Scott Jordan, Vice President, HealthiosXchange
  • Scott Purcell, Founder and CEO, FundAmerica
  • Sean Connolly, Managing Partner, Strata Investments LLC
  • Verria Kelly, Chief Operations Officer, American Homeowner Preservation



RealCap Chicago

RealCap Chicago


Sponsors of this conference are American Homeowner Preservation, Flaster Greenberg, and Small Change.

Times Realty News is the media sponsor.


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