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After posting a strong half year (between December 31, 2014 and June 30, 2015) result amounting to $28.5 million after tax, which represents a 38 percent increase in revenue, IRESS has announced its acquisition of two companies. The two companies are Proquote, a trading specialist, and Pulse Software Systems, provider of private asset management software. This move is in line with IRESS’ plan to establish a strong client base and to expand its operations and existing product offerings in the UK. The two newly procured companies will help IRESS take top positions in portfolio management, retail trading, connectivity and order routing.

The company’s  strategy is to expand and deepen its capability and product offerings not only in but across the world. The new acquisitions are specially aimed at expanding the company’s operations in the UK.  

IRESS has a strong team of local experts who work with clients all over Australia and now with these new teams joining them, with more local knowledge and expertise, it is expected that the company will perform even better and attain its goals quicker. This is expected to be duplicated in its international operations.



IRESS has a dynamic product investment program for its clients especially in the financial technology markets offerings. The program, which is called IRESS’ wealth management solution, comprises IRESS solutions and XPLAN. The company is planning to expand this program in the coming months so as to create more opportunities for its clients.    
The main commitment of IRESS is to ensure growth of the company, which they believe is also beneficial to their clients, especially in terms of access and scale. When the company grows, the clients will be offered more and bigger opportunities. These opportunities will also be available in different areas, which will give clients a wider range of investment options.   

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