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Bryn Williams, a father of two and a resident of Bearsden, Glasgow, is the founder of Funding Neuro, a local charity. Williams established the charity when he was 36 years old, after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2007. Prior to that, he had started Wobbly Williams, a site that gives support and assistance to others with the same condition. Afterwards, Williams launched Funding Neuro, to financially back up the studies and research on Parkinson’s disease, as well as other neurological conditions.

Amazingly, Funding Neuro was able to raise £680,000 ($972,400) for a groundbreaking clinical trial, through a crowdfunding campaign which started June of 2015. They also received a generous amount of £300,000 ($429,000) donated anonymously. The amount they raised was more than two thirds of their initial goal which they had set at £900,000 ($1,287,000). Williams is very ecstatic with the result, and he further said that, along with their big ideas, they are fortunate to have a lot passionate people joining their cause.


How a Crowdfunding Platform Could Possibly Help in Finding the Cure for Parkinson’s Disease

Their plan is to find a way to deliver the chemotherapy drugs straight into the tumor.


Williams is also participating in a revolutionary medical trial committed to find acure for Parkinson’s. It is headed by Professor Steven Gill, a neurosurgeon at the Frenchay Hospital located in Bristol. Professor Gill and his team are focusing their medical trial on 18 children with fatal brain tumours. Their plan is to find a way to deliver the chemotherapy drugs straight into the tumor.

According to Professor Gill, when the chemotherapy drugs are administered into the blood, only 1% gets to the brain which means if the necessary amount of drugs are administered, there is a chance it could be fatal for the child. But if the drugs were delivered directly into the affected part of the brain, there would be no side effects of the chemotherapy, and the results will last for several weeks.


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