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Chris Ducker had a severe physical breakdown due to acute exhaustion in managing the day-to-today operations of their .  With careful planning, he became a virtual CEO within a year, and  wrote a book entitled “Virtual Freedom”.



by Leisa Peterson


After three and a half years of 15-hour work days, Chris Ducker — who today is a serial and author of “Virtual Freedom,” suffered a severe physical breakdown that knocked him off his feet and landed him in the hospital for a week and a half. “I was diagnosed with acute exhaustion,” he said. “My body had literally given up.”

The experience was a wake-up call for Chris and his wife, with whom he ran the business. “My wife said, we need to figure out how to get out of the day-to-day operations of the business,” he said. “We collected all the things we felt I shouldn’t be doing as the boss as well as the things I hated doing. Those became the keys to virtual freedom.”

Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker

Chris ultimately set a one-year plan in place to remove himself from ground-level operations. Each month came with a distinct goal that allowed him to disengage further and further throughout the year. “One month my goal was to get out of email hell, the next it was to stop training staff,” he said. “Then I made myself stay away from the IT department,” he laughed. By the end of the year he’d achieved his goal and had become what he calls a “virtual CEO.”


Additional Bandwidth Allowed the Creation of Business Number Two

Chris documented his journey on a blog and, through that experience, developed a following and, ultimately, a new personal brand as virtual CEO. He’d written a blog post about how one can use virtual staff (or virtual assistants — VAs) to help with certain tasks. A reader comment on that post was what led Chris to launch his next business.

Chris was half-way through his yearly journey to remove himself from his first business, but, as he says, an entrepreneur has an idea a minute and has a hard time not following through with them. “I just couldn’t help myself. I started the new business,” he said.


On Creating a Successful Business

The appeal for Chris was in creating a business that solved a problem for someone else. “To be a good business owner, it’s not about how much stuff you give your clients,” he said, referring to free ebook downloads that currently proliferate businesses. “Instead, it’s about how much value you provide.”

After learning to outsource a good deal of his day-to-day operations, Chris learned to expand his reach further. Today he’s working on the upcoming launch of his next project, Youpreneur, an online master mind group for other entrepreneurs. “Now I want to help other people do what I did,” he said, explaining that he can have greater reach through on online platform, rather than through one-on-one coaching. “There’s only one me, and only so many hours in a day,” he added.



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