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Realty Africa, a new real estate crowdfunding platform, will soon give investors, big or small, anywhere in the world, the chance to participate in the development and growth of sub-Saharan Africa. It intends to raise large sums of money through crowdfunding to establish financing for property projects such as social housing, eco-lodges, factories, hotels and other real estate projects. With the emphasis on safety, the platform is looking to overcome the negative perceptions that investors have about Africa, and it has finalised service contracts (a first for its kind) with Deloitte and Imara, a fund for fiduciary services.

In Africa, developers and investors find it difficult to get together. Many investors are still apprehensive about investing in the real estate market. This is why the market is currently dominated by large investors with plenty of experience. Realty Africa plans to provide access to markets which have historically been inaccessible to investors and allow them to start investing with a minimum of $1000 but with good returns. Moreover, the platform facilitates capital raising by communities and project developers at reasonable interest rates without the necessity of putting up much collateral. Any project likely to generate demand and for which a reasonable investment proposal can be created is eligible on the platform. Deloitte will carry out the screening due diligence before any project is posted and Imara fiduciary services will help in establishing a legal framework to prevent owners from selling their properties.

The founders both have international backgrounds: co-founder and CEO Patrick Chella has fifteen years of experience in banking and investment in The Netherlands, and Zimbabwe Co-founder and CTO Emil Bengtsson boasts years of experience in ICT. The business has local teams and offices in place in The Netherlands, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and other locations. A number of African projects have already been evaluated and approved for crowdfunding such as projects for family houses for local people and for sustainable tourism as well.



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