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Faraday Future Inc., an electric vehicle startups, is looking for a site for its factory as well as seeking Tesla Motors staff. 



by Brooke Crothers

Electric vehicle Faraday Future is seeking a factory site as it leans on former Tesla Motors TSLA -0.16% manufacturing personnel.

Gardena, Calif.-based Faraday — or FF, Inc. as the company is referred to on LinkedIn LNKD +0% — is hoping that recent coverage will raise its profile as the startup seeks to close deals with states for a factory location, according to a source familiar with the company’s plans. Last week, Faraday issued information to the media that said it has “conducted a rigorous site selection process over the last 9 months, and is currently evaluating finalist locations in the states of Nevada, Louisiana, and Georgia…A final decision is expected in the Q3 of 2015.”   Faraday is also “actively evaluating” manufacturing in California.  The source said there may be more to say on this in the coming weeks.

Former Tesla manufacturing and product executives are expected to play key roles if plans pan out. The following (below) serves as a more accurate, up-to-date list of former Tesla executives (updating the list that appeared in a Forbes post last week based on a story in Motor Trend).  As stated above, FF is how Faraday Future is referred to on LinkedIn profiles. The startup has yet to disclose who the CEO is.

Dag Reckhorn: Vice President of Manufacturing at FF.  Reckhorn was formerly Director Manufacturing for the Tesla Model S from December 2009 to June 2013.
Tom Wessner: Vice President of Supply Chain at FF. Wessner was formerly Director of Purchasing at Tesla from October 2009 to May 2011.
Nick Sampson: VP Product Research & Development at FF. Sampson was formerly Director Vehicle & Chassis Engineering at Tesla from January 2010 to January 2012.


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