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The Soho Loft Media Group Chairman David Drake served as Judge in the Tesla Entrepreneur Finalists on 8 July 2015, organized and funded by Dušan Stojanović of True Global Ventures that also supports the Tesla Science Center in New York

July 9, 2015NEW YORKAs a member of the Nikola Tesla Inspired and committee, David Drake participated as a judge  on July 8th, 2015.  The committee’s responsibility was to decide  the top 3 Nikola Tesla-inspired entrepreneurs from the 10 entrepreneur-finalists. These 10 finalists   pitched their ideas to the committee during an online session. The top 3  Nikola Tesla-inspired entrepreneurs identified by the committee will then receive funds that have been raised through donations to finance their winning projects, to be awarded on 10th July 2015, the 159th anniversary of Tesla’s birthday.

David Drake, the Chairman of LDJ Capital, The Soho Loft Media Group and Victoria Global says, “I love Tesla, he is really my number one genius of all time. I have even set up a Facebook Tesla Page and Pinterest unsung hero album for him. From the Balkan states, Tesla rose to become a futurist, engineer and entrepreneur of all times. He had to navigate his choices around entrepreneurship and money like we do today. However,  what really makes him stand out are the decisions he made to focus on innovations, rather than money, when he had a choice to go for money. That is why we owe every electric light shining in the world today to the discoveries he made.”

The judging session for the  Tesla-Inspired Entrepreneurs and Innovators Finalists took place at 10pm Singapore/Hong Kong/Beijing time, 4pm Sweden/Berlin/Paris time, 10am New York time, 7am San Francisco time. In his innovations, Nikola Tesla sought to solve problems relating to connectivity, energy and sustainability.

The  chosen Tesla-Inspired Entrepreneurs and Innovators should  advance the idea that Nikola Tesla, an American inventor of Serbian origin,  had demonstrated that  entrepreneurship is not all about money. Nikola Tesla lived between 1856 and 1943. He was a physicist and engineer who made important contributions in the fields of communication, electricity and energy. He had an estimated 300 patents written in his name, which is among the highest held by any person in the world. Nikola Tesla’s focus was more on making discoveries in the areas that mattered rather than the financial impact those discoveries brought. He was ridiculed for it, but today, he is well known for  the design of the modern day alternating current that is used in electrical supply systems. He  conceptualized the idea for the smartphone technology as early as 1901.  W. Bernard Carlson, author of  the book “Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age,” said of Tesla, ” He was the first to be thinking about the information revolution in the sense of delivering information for each individual user.”

Nikola Tesla  invented how to harness and distribute light.  He developed and used flourescent bulbs in his laboratory 40 years before the industry “invented” it. Tesla conducted comprehensive research on X-rays, from its  precursor to Kirlian photography, and is now the foundation of x-rays in the medical field. He also invented the radio, remote control, electric motor, lasers,  the concept of robotics and more.

Nikola Tesla’s work has inspired and continues to inspire many entrepreneurs.  Some of the notable ones are  Elon Musk who founded Tesla Motors and Ericsson Nikola Tesla. The  Tesla Inspired Entrepreneurs and Innovators project  helps advance Nikola Tesla’s spirit, and continues to inspire more people to become innovators in different fields.

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