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Speaking Engagements

The Soho Loft has 300 expert speakers available who cover topics from the Private Company Marketplace and its capital formation to capital access for VCs and young start ups.  We cover a range of topics regarding capital formation and creation, including (but not limited to):

  • entrepreneur capital,

  • start up loans

  • peer-to-peer funding,

  • microfinance,

  • crowdfunding,

  • eb5 green card programs,

  • tax inventiveness programs,

  • SBA & SBIC programs,

  • debt solutions,

  • fund of funds capital,

  • regulation D, 504-505-506 exemptions under SEC Act 1933,

  • regulation A under SEC Act 1933,

  • regulation A+ under the JOBS Act 2012,

  • onramp IPO for Emerging Growth Companies Sarbanes-Oxley Act exemption for 5 years,

  • grant applications

  • other nonconventional and conventional forms of capital formation for individuals, start ups, firms, funds, government agencies and not-for-profits.

We are also working with the employment divisions of the national governments of a number of countries to encourage startups and small medium sized enterprise initiatives among the unemployed.  We can provide you with presenters who can talk about this transferable initiative at your event.

Please reach out to us to see which local entrepreneurs, experts and thought leaders we have available in your city and/or region who might contribute to your event program.  Our aim is to educate other business people by disseminating knowledge that will enable all of us to create more jobs.  Please email us at today.

If you are looking to apply to be one of our speakers or if you are recommending someone to be considered as a speaker or panelist, then please email us at today.

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