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Crowdcube, the leading online equity crowdfunding platform, has achieved a milestone of raising more than $212 million (£150 million) in investments since starting in 2011. The Vivobarefoot crowdfunding campaign surpassed its investment goal of more than $1 million, which was a big push towards this achievement. Based on the company’s report in 2015, the company reached $117 million, which clearly shows how Crowdcube is developing at a solid, steady pace.

According to Crowdcube, 381 profitable funding rounds took place through equity crowdfunding and mini-bonds. More than 267,00 people invested, and although most of the campaigns are consumer-facing, the favorite categories are technology, food and beverage, and the internet. 72% of the funded companies are growth or early stage firms, and around 28% are startups or in the seed stage. Today, equity-based crowdfunding accounts for 15.6% of all venture and stage capital funds in the United Kingdom.


Crowdcube Achieves Milestone of $212 million, Generates Thousands of Jobs

These funded businesses, could produce approximately more than 7,000 jobs.


The company forecasts that these funded businesses, after reaching their capital targets in the first three years, could produce approximately more than 7,000 jobs. This is a significant affirmation of the United Kingdom’s comprehensive action to support fintech innovations and alternative finance.

The UK government has supported the emergence of early stage firms, utilizing the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) tax exemptions that reduce the investor’s risk, while promoting the financing of high-risk companies. Policy makers know that smaller firms could boost the economy’s development.

Crowdcube co-founder, Luke Lang, said that the accomplishment is more than just a monetary achievement and that the company is celebrating the investment’s positive impact on the country’s economy.

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