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The Soho Loft Conferences with Victoria Global supported  this Series A Venture Conference  organized by FundingPost 22 October 2015 from 10am until 6pm in New York City

A huge opportunity for Venture Capitalists to expand their network, and for entrepreneurs to  gain additional knowledge in raising Series A round.

Venture Capitalists converged  in La Marina, New York for the Series A Venture Conference organized by FundingPost.

David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital, The Soho Loft Media Group and Victoria GLobal says, “This is a huge opportunity for Venture Capitalists to expand their network, and for entrepreneurs to  gain additional knowledge in raising Series A round.”

The one day conference featured  exhibits, panel discussions and 1-on-1 meetings of Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists. The participants had the chance to widen their network by mingling  with investors of Series A companies, while being   served delicious meals throughout the day.  The conference focused mainly  on the do’s and dont’s of Venture Capitalists,  specifically on what they  are searching  for, when they are likely to invest and the  metrics you as entrepreneurs should have, and many more.


Challenged with your first round of financing? Make it happen with the Series A Venture Conference

Series A Venture Conference


The conference speakers include:

  • Brian Smiga of Alpha Venture Partners
  • David Arcara, Co-Managing Partner of  Laconia Capital Group
  • David Goldberg, Director in Corigin Ventures
  • David J Sorin, Partner in McCarter English
  • Jeff Davison, Inflection Point Ventures
  • Jeffrey Finkle, Angel Investor
  • Jordy Albert, Associate, Edison Partner
  • Joshua B. Siegel, General Partner at  Rubicon Ventures
  • Miriam Eaves, Managing Partner at  Cargile Group
  • Natalie Hwang, Simon Venture Group’s Principal
  • Nat Brinn, Principal at Vital Venture Capital, LLC
  • Nihal Mehta, Founding General Partner of  Eniac Ventures
  • Steven Wendler of  Spencer Trask Ventures
  • Vadim Tarasov, Target Ventures’ Partner


The Executive sponsors for this conference are McCarter & English, Pura Vida, n6a, WeiserMazars and Thirstie.


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