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The charitable industry has continued to lag behind the fast moving current of fundraising in matters of innovation such as employing the use of mobile applications. Causemo, a Boston-based , is optimistic it can change this by transforming the industry into a mobile friendly one.   


Causemo recently completed a $4 million round and has a consumer app that is currently under development. The app will contain charitable profiles of the users which will allow them to track and share their activities on the various social platforms. The startup is aiming to become the one-stop digital shop for charitable campaigns and donors.


The majority of the millennials, and generation X and Y donors, are conducting their transactions on mobile devices. This has become a great challenge for charitable organizations to get them onboard because of the absence of the mobile infrastructure.  According to Giving USA, over $358 million was donated to charitable organizations last year in the US. Blackbaud, which released the 2014 Charitable Giving Report, reported that only 6.7 percent of these donations were made .


Many people have failed to donate to charitable causes mainly because of the inefficiency of payment methods being used and the online complexities involved in submitting pledges. Gone are the days when people filled in several fields on a form before making any kind of payment. Most people nowadays prefer automated payment systems, which charities have not considered investing in. The small percentage of online donors in comparison to the total amount donated shows that even the charitable campaigns that go viral on social media networks still miss out on a lot of donations due to inefficient payment methods. Therefore, in order to enable more people and businesses to donate to charities, these barriers have to be removed. This is what Causemo aims to do when their platform becomes live and fully automated.




With the new payment system, many charitable organizations will be able to run their campaigns easily and effectively. The startup has already received a total of 20 partners including Save the Children, Boys & Girls Club of America, City Year and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Causemo is discussing a partnership with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month of October, and is planning to launch it on GivingTuesday.  


The startup will also ensure that outreach is not obstructive. For example, if a person is reading a news article about a disaster that has just occurred, an ad would be served requesting them to provide their email addresses in the event they are willing to offer support. Instead of interrupting the reader to donate at the time they are reading the news, Causemo would make a follow-up later.

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