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August 9 New York- The Soho Loft & FundingPost NYC Summer Angel & Venture Event

August 9 New York- The Soho Loft & FundingPost NYC Summer Angel & Venture Event


Interested in meeting early-stage Venture Capitalists in NYC?

Then register for the FundingPost Summer Angel & Venture Event
on Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Soho Loft with partners have hosted 200+ sold-out venture events in 21 cities over the past 10 years. At our next NY event, the panel of investors will focus on Early-Stage Venture Investing:

How to meet investors, pitch them, and what it really takes to get them to write you a check! We will be discussing trends in Early-Stage Investing, hot sectors, sectors that these Angels and VCs look at, things that are most important to them when they are considering an Investment, the best and worst things an entrepreneur can do to get their attention, current events such as deal terms & valuations, additional advice for entrepreneurs, and, of course, the best ways to reach these and other Investors. There will be plenty of time for networking with the Investor panelists, both before the panel & after the panel at the Cocktail Party!

The Soho Loft will also present a roundtable on Crowdfunding and the JOBS Act. This we will give you the very latest information on this important legislation change, and what it means for entrepreneurs, angels & VCs, and how you can take advantage of it to grow your business.

As an additional benefit, entrepreneur 1/4 page summaries will be given to the investor speakers and attendees. All of the Investors will get your company description and contact info!

Register today, as this event will sell-out and is limited! There are 110 tickets left.

Life’s a PitchTM Workshop
Additionally, there will be an Optional Pitching Workshop Lunch from 11am-1pm. This important workshop will complete tear down your elevator pitch and help you build it from the ground up to include the important info that Investors NEED to hear! The cost to participate in the workshop will be $350. This Lunch Workshop includes the $75 ticket to the event. Most importantly, it includes a 2-minute Pitching Spot to the Investors during the event! There are only 15 space left in the Workshop.

Rob Delman, Angel Investor, Golden Seeds
Marsha Yuan, NYC Investment Fund
Tom Nicholson
Eliot T. Durbin, Partner, Penny Black & BOLDstart Ventures
James D Robinson IV, Managing Partner, RRE

The Soho Loft will present a special roundtable on Crowdfunding and the JOBS Act. During the panel discussion you will receive the latest developments in the legislation change, specifically what it means for entrepreneurs, angels & VCs, and how you may take advantage of opportunities created to help grow your business.

“Every week legislators and enforcers implementing the JOBS Act are guiding us in the direction where Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) and start ups can get capital formation solutions.” says David Drake, CEO and Founder, The Soho Loft.  He added “Douglas S. Ellenoff is one of the leading lawyers nationwide who attended discussions in DC a couple of weeks ago where we had Senator Brown, Senator Merkeley and Congressman Patrick McHenry (behind the crowd funding bill in the JOBS Act) participating with heads of SEC and FINRA to evolve these laws.  I encourage you to join one of our upcoming events to learn how crowd funding works in favor for entrepreneurs.”

Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors are purchasing tickets and preparing to also learn about: trends in Early-Stage Investing; factors to consider when investing; deal terms & valuations, practical financial and management advice for entrepreneurs; and best and worst ways to attract Investors.

Crowdfunding Panelist in New York, NY on August 9, 2012:


Douglas S. Ellenoff, Partner at Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP



Christine Landon, Founder CEO, CrowdFund Advisory

Vince Molinari, Founder CEO, Gate Technologies

Jed Cohen, Co-Founder & COO, RocketHub

“We are excited about returning to NYC. It’s a fantastic opportunity for an early-stage company to meet face to face with investors,” said Joe Rubin, Director, FundingPost. “Early-stage VCs are always on the lookout for great ideas, and FundingPost is proud to provide a forum for these investors to locate promising new ventures.”  Please reserve your spot today 

Mr. Drake concludes; “Start ups should get going and get growing with The Soho Loft. We offer tailor made events around the world for startups – sharing our knowledge and experience to educate on capital formation for SMEs.”



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