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The Soho Loft Conferences,  with Victoria Global, organizes a real estate conference in  575 Madison Avenue New York


June 22, 2015 – NEW YORK — The “Global Real Estate Crowdfunding and Regulation A+ $50 Million (New York)” will bring together the leading authorities in real estate crowdfunding on June 25, 2015. They will articulate their thoughts on how the new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ruling on the Title IV of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act or JOBS Act, widely known as “Regulation A+”, is going to change the game in raising capital for small businesses and the startups.

The landmark ruling will give more freedom to businesses in terms of the amounts they can solicit and increase the breadth of potential investors. Prior to the Regulation A+, companies can only raise capital up to $5 million dollars from non–accredited investors. They were also subject to state security laws – meaning every state has to issue its security which slows down the capital raising process tremendously.

Now with the regulation A+, the maximum amount of capital that can be raised from non–accredited investors under Tier 2 has been raised to $50 million dollars plus the issuer is freed from the burden of complying with state laws. Startups and small businesses will hugely benefit from this and could help spur their growth.

The event would also provide master classes for entrepreneurs who are keen to have their projects funding online through crowdfunding platforms. Experts in the fields will be taking participants through the regulations around online crowdfunding and how to find the best syndicated deals online.

David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital, The Soho Loft Media Group and Victoria Global, will be the overall moderator for the event. Drake is a huge believer in using real crowdfunding platforms to raise capital. “The rapid rise of the crowdfunding industry has changed the game for investing in real estate. Many investors know they can structure their portfolios better by being able to invest in specific real estate projects rather than real estate companies and this could only mean sky is the limit for both and entrepreneur.” says, David.

Scott Andersen, FinLawyer and Partner at Consult DA, will co- moderate and talk about crowdfunding compliance and innovations. Joe Rubin, Director and Co – Founder of, a venture capital and angel investing online platform, will be taking participants through Angel and Venture Capital Investments in Real Estate.

The hot topic of the event, the discussion on the Regulation A+, will be co-moderated by Scott Purcell, CEO of . Scott Purcell says, “Regulation A+ has the potential to become a game-changer for medium sized businesses that need strategic capital to grow.” Purcell mentioned how firms in the ecosystem like FundAmerica can help reduce the costs involved in Regulation A+ offering. FundAmerica can provide the tools and services for easier compliance to regulations and for online platforms to serve their customers online.

The panel speakers include:

Allen Shayanfekr – Legal Advisor and Co-Founder, Sharestates
Brian Newman – Director of Business Development, Prodigy Network
Brian Stark -Head of Direct Lending Operations at Freeland Ventures
Craig Cecilio – Founder and CEO, CCFG Investments
Jorge Newbery – CEO, American Homeowner Preservation
Jouko Ahvenainen – Co–Founder, GrowVC Group

Sponsors for the event include Victoria Partners, LDJ Capital, Times Realty News Global Crowd News, First Republic Bank, Times Impact Publication, Consult Drake & Andersen,  The event’s media partners  are FFORWARD, Realty411 and Equities.

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