The Soho Loft University Series: Creative Impact Entrepreneurship

The Soho Loft University Series: Creative Impact Entrepreneurship

In his book “Entrepreneurs Are Made Not Born,” author Lloyd Shefsky defined the word Entrepreneurship into three parts: “entre,” meaning “to enter,” “pre,” meaning “before,” and “neur” pointing to the nerve center.


This simple and yet pragmatic view of this nowadays oft-used word is nothing short of inspiring. It clearly defines the very core of why someone should become an entrepreneur. Shefsky is not concerned with what size, stage, color, shape of industry or venture one goes into business. Instead, the author focuses on what really matters. The big idea is an entrepreneur goes inside the nerve center of that business, enterprise or industry in order to change, develop, and improve it for the better. No change creates as much impact as the change that happens and emanates from the very core.


The diligence, care and thoughtfulness that goes into this journey to the nerve center is the very discipline that is honed and sharpened within the hallowed halls of the universities, colleges and institutions of learning.

David Drake  at the Stockholm University in Sweden, August 2012

No wonder that the wheels of entrepreneurship should start at the these places where students of life and learning come face to face with the realities of the world’s challenges. Challenges that can be flipped over as opportunities to create changes that will impact society. All the needs of the society provide all the reasons for anyone and everyone to be enterprising and entrepreneurial. To get to the very core, that is the calling of a true-blue entrepreneur.  

David Drake, founder and CEO of The Soho Loft Capital Creation Event Series, the global event platform under the auspices of his investment firm LDJ Capital, is bent on sharing this to the students and entrepreneurial groups in universities as a thought leader in this space.  He has been witness to the recent dynamic growth of the capital market formation from crowds via online social media funding platforms. When US President Obama signed into law last April 5, 2012 the JOBS Act or Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, the floodgates of creative funding alternatives were opened and to this day is being closely watched by those who envision the positive impact of its development in terms of capital formation, entrepreneurial growth and job creation. There will always be naysayers and they have their place in the whole ecosystem but the excitement and hope that the new law has created in the market is stimulus enough for start-up entrepreneurs, and even existing small and medium-sized businesses, to be emboldened and encouraged to go for the long haul.


An insider look into the industries and markets and deep insights into the intricacies of the JOBS Act are only some of the benefits that Mr Drake brings to the university students, researchers and academia. These further fuel their incisive questions and their desire to create and innovate. And to say it simply: To get to the core of the industry and community that they are eyeing to serve or where they visualize themselves taking an active part in, not just in the future, but right now, while they are yet dreaming about it.


This is not to say that the learning is entirely one-way. Mr Drake had the privilege to glean as much wisdom and insights from the students as well. Their questions and enthusiasm are reason enough to inspire the existing businesses, industries and investment groups  to further explore and innovate and make it a better place for them when the time comes.


And true to The Soho Loft DNA and its’ decade worth of history, it continues this same spirit through its University Series on Creative Impact Entrepreneurship.  TSL started creating ten years ago avenues for compelling connections to be made among its business partners by hosting a 21st century salon experience via the thousand or so dinners and cocktail parties in Mr Drake’s The Soho Loft in Midtown Manhattan. Here meaningful and relevant connections paved the way for partnerships and collaborations that built dreams, fueled visions and created roads where none was there before. In this new chapter, TSL continues the conversations and fashions roadmaps with students  who will become the future thought leaders in their chosen fields and with educators who are themselves the mind- and heart-shapers of the future.

David Drake keeps the conversations going

at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, Aug 2012

The Soho Loft’s Global University Series continue on these dates after a European Kick-off in August of this year at the Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University, both in Sweden:

September 20       Columbia University, New York, USA
September 24        New York University, New York, USA
September 26        State University of New York, Plattsburgh, New York, USA
September 28        New Jersey Institute of Technology, New Jersey, USA
October 4                 Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, USA
October 13-14        Moscow University, Moscow, Russia – part of the  7th All-Russia Science Festival with Prime Minister Medvedev opening and 110 Universities participating

October 29              Moldova State University
October 30             University of Polytechnica, Academy of Economic Studies
October 31              Medicine University, Pedagogical University,
November 1            Agricultural University


David Drake being interviewed on TV in Moscow and preparing for his presentation at the Moscow State University –  Crowdfunding for “green” sustainable educational institutions.

Planned sessions:

Washington, DC region:        Georgetown U, American U, George Washington U, George Mason U., Washington U., Maryland University, Wharton, Duke University

Los Angeles Region:        UCLA, USC, UCSB, Pepperdine, University of California Irvine, University of California San Diego, California Institute of Technology,

San Francisco Region:    Stanford, University of California Berkeley, University of Santa Cruz, University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University

NorthEast:            Harvard University, MIT

New York City again:        Yale University, Princeton University, NYU, Cornell University, Columbia University, Fashion Institute of Technology, Baruch University.

We are looking to do more university series abroad and are talking to several nations.

Media Coverage and Corporate Strategy Services of The Soho Loft

Another milestone for The Soho Loft is that our daily writing reach more of its target readers through its regular contributions to  Mr. Drake’s articles are also published and being shared through other leading industry websites such as,,, and aside from TSL’s own home website, the Writing for the editorial and expert commentary section of the leading financial site,, affords a deeper scope and wider reach for TSL. To read Mr Drake’s latest editorial, please visit The JOBS Act: A Paradigm Shift the World Has Never Seen and stay tuned for subsequent articles.

For more details on how to support and participate in this global education program of The Soho Loft, please contact

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