The Soho Loft & Symbid – European Crowdfunding Policies/Strategies on Sep 4, Amsterdam

The Soho Loft & Symbid – European Crowdfunding Policies/Strategies on Sep 4, Amsterdam

The Soho Loft Capital Creation Events, the global event platform dedicated to the advancement of the dynamic and fast-evolving world of private company marketplace and investment-based crowd funding, collaborates with Symbid, the first online investment platform that enables individuals to directly invest in start-ups or existing ventures in exchange for equity, for a Symposium on European Crowd Funding Policies and Strategies on Sept 4, 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
The crowdfunding industry is growing rapidly. Estimated on an astonishing $1.5 billion in the last year, TechCrunch reports an expected growth of 60% in 2012. The same is happening on a micro level. Symbid, a Dutch equity-based crowdfunding platform, helps entrepreneurs get funded via direct equity investments from the crowd. Since the start of the award winning platform, Symbid has helped entrepreneurs gather over €1 million in funds. That’s almost €100K per month, reflecting the growth potential of the industry.

Who will attend:
private investors
venture capitalists
angel investors
start-up companies

Host and Moderator:

David Drake – Founder and CEO of LDJ Capital, holding company of The Soho Loft Capital Creation Events, is a thought leader on Crowd Funding and an expert on the JOBS Act of the USA. A founding member of the pillars in the industry – CFIRA (CrowdFund Intermediaries Regularory Advocates) and CfPA (Crowdfunding Professional Association).

Korstiaan Zandvliet – Co-founder and Managing Director at Symbid, is set to make great strides in crowd fund investing. Symbid is a radical new innovation which enables (nascent) entrepreneurs to overcome financing problems for their start-up or small business. Symbid focuses on entrepreneurial finance needs up to € 2.5 million by utilizing the concept of Crowdfunding in a radically new way. In contrast to currently available Crowdfunding sites, Symbid developed a financial and legal framework which allows Crowdfunders to actually become a shareholder of the offered Crowdfunding propositions.

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