Newsletter: August 23, 2012

[TheSohoLoft] Newsletter: August 23, 2012

Enzo Villani

Former Nasdaq Head of Corporate Services: Enzo Villani joins TSL

Enzo Villani runs strategic communications and advisory around a firm in order to achieve the highest level of impact for its brand and message. We work together to add strategic consulting to the mix and PR in order to create a story. Our goal is to build a corporation’s brand so that it occupies the position of market leader in the area that is best fit for that firm’s goals. We usually target six months to achieve impact for you in the marketplace.


Prior to his time as Head of Villani Advisors, Enzo Villani launched DF King Worldwide and was Managing Director of Products and Strategy at NASDAQ OMX. Mr Villani established NASDAQ Corporate Services through a series of alliances and acquisitions including and Prime Zone Media Network (now GlobeNewswire). Corporate Services is now the fastest growing business line in NASDAQ OMX.  Mr Villani and TSL are your outsourced Chief Strategy Officers handling your corporate image and reputation.


“TSL is taking a proactive role in helping nascent industries like crowdfunding evolve while also assisting high growth companies which are leveraging the traditional capital formation and capital access opportunities being accelerated by the JOBS Act,”comments David Drake. “Enzo is able to articulate clearly what brands need to know.  The promises of Reg A+, onramp IPO and Reg D 506 exemption present significant short term opportunities and challenges for domestic and international firms of all sizes looking to raise capital in the US or considering going public.  Onramp IPO Title I of the JOBS Act has already influenced international firms to call us for guidance about public listing.  They need TSL and strategic leaders such as Enzo Villani to help them determine and execute their plans for growth.”


Mr Villani adds, “The JOBS Act introduces some new and explosively powerful changes in SEC laws and regulations for capital formation and access.  For example, the Regulation D 506 exemption (looking to remove the general solicitation ban completely) shifts media towards finance and funding in ways we have never seen before.  In 1933 there was neither the internet nor TV.  So allowing domestic and foreign firms, as well as funds, to advertise for capital on TV is a paradigm shift.  The Soho Loft has become the global expert on the underlying regulations, complications, implications and effects this mass rupture will have on the legal, political, strategic and operational nature of Small Medium-sized corporations globally.  That is why I am here – I see Mr. Drake’s vision and understand the type of help firms will need to navigate these new business contexts.”


“Brokers, lawyers, accountants will be biased in relation to what they know and especially in terms of what they don’t know.  We are unbiased as we understand the various implications of the JOBS Act.  I cannot tell you how many broker dealers, bankers and lawyers will vilify one method of capital creation versus another, mainly because they just don’t know everything.  Objective information is needed so our clients can make the right decisions for their company’s future.  TSL is perfectly placed to assist you to make such strategic decisions.”


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Steven A. Cinelli, Founder and CEO of Primarq submitted this letter to SEC Thursday July 26, 2012.  It gives a relevant insight to crowd funding Title III under the JOBS Act.  We fully support and agree with the comments of Steven Cinelli.

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